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The park is run by the Madagascar Flora and Fauna Group, located 4km north of Tamatave. It’s a worldwide conservation association headquartered in St Louis, USA. In addition to hosting tourists, the park has captive breeding programs for endangered species, and a halfway house for animals being reintroduced into the wild. The park also raises local awareness of wildlife and conservation issues – around 70% of the estimated 14,000 annual visitors are Malagasy.

To reach the park from Tamatave, take the RN5 north, go 9km past the airport, and turn left on the unpaved road in front of the Ivoloina Bridge. Continue on until you see the park entrance sign (the trip takes half an hour). A charter taxi from town costs around Ar70,000 for a return trip; taxis-brousses to Ivoloina village (Ar7500) leave every hour or two. From Ivoloina village it’s a scenic 4km walk to the park entrance.

Alternatively, Bamboo Adventure will take you to the park on a bamboo raft from their hut near the junction of the RN5 and the road to the park (Ar5000, one hour).

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