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Kazakhstan’s biggest oil and gas fields – Tengiz (oil), Karachaganak (gas) and the offshore oil of Kashagan beneath the Caspian Sea – and a glut of other mineral resources have brought boom times to the west’s main cities, but elsewhere the human population is sparse and the landscape is chiefly desert and steppe. The region is one hour behind Nur-Sultan time.

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TSE Astana Airport to Hotel Arrival Transfer by Private Car

When booking this private arrival transfer from your hotel to Astana International Airport, you will need to advise your flight details and your hotel details. Your transfer will be confirmed within 24 hours of booking, and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver. It's that easy!Transfer services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choose from a luxury sedan transfer for three people, or a sport utility vehicle transfer that carries up to five passengers. All vehicles feature stylish and spacious interiors and you will be met and escorted by a professional chauffeur.Price is per person, based on three passengers per sedan or five per minivan.

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City tour in Astana

I am going to make Old-To-New conceptual tour.We will start at 9AM at Duman aquarium parking and go to old part of city. Depending on number of people we go either by car (up to 3 persons) or by minibus (up to 10).There we learn about medieval, Soviet and post-Soviet developments of Kazakhstan in general and Astana in particular. In old part we can see former Delegatskaya street, monument to Kerei and Zhanibek khans, first office of President, former office of KGB, Ishim river, monument to Tomiris queen, catholic church, sinagogue. Lunch is not included, so we are free to choose, where to have it. Up to your taste, kazakh, russian, ukrainian, korean, georgian, uzbek cookery are available with cost/person $6-35.Following ahead, we will see russian orthodox church, palace for schoolchildren, new mosque, Pyramid by Norman Foster and National museum. Depending on weekday, we may visit Presidential square. Of course, it is absolutely new part of the city that never existed before relocation of capital to Astana. Whatever you'll see in the new part of city, didn't exist 14 years ago, all of it was literally empthy space, flat ground. Here we will see Baiterek tower, World EXPO 2017 site, Asiada 2011 site, new opera hall and another creature of Norman Foster, Khan Shatyr. This will be our last point.Please, prepare good questions. Being journalist I used to write about finance, economy, international politics, history, I love history of Soviet period.See you in Astana!Yerlan.

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A meal with local family, Kazakh food, direct talk to locals in their house

Timing is flexible and adjusted up to convenience of visitors. Most typically lunch starts at 1PM, dinner starts about 7PM.Because of being nomads for many centuries, kazakh cookery is mostly about meat. Usually, we have a cup of kymyz before it. Kymyz  is fermented horse milk. Don't be afraid of trying it :-)Vegetables and salades are mostly a tribute to european taste. Usually, 1 or 2 salads are offered before main dish.Another staple of kazakh meal is strong black tea with milk with nomadic sweets. Again, according to nomadic lifestyle all "candies" are very simple but very.... original. Up to guests' taste green team may be served.A meal may be held in three different settings:1. Young local family. They married recently, both are newcomers to Astana. Both are young and active, and managed to buy new flat for themselves - success for such a young people. They have 2 years daughter. This is regular option.2. Rural family that recently migrated to Astana. They bought small house in a village near the city and after moving capital to Astana this place is almost in the center of the capital. Four sons, who repair cars and run retail outlets, built new house for their parents and now whole family of three generations lives in new big house. Old one is given for rent. The family is very talented, there are singers, dancers, grandfather is writer, grandmother was journalist. This family needs longer time ahead for booking, at least a week.3. Family of local jeweller. This meal is extended with visiting his private museum of nomadic arts - jewelry, souvenirs made out of wood, leather, felt, national costumes, shoes, painting, antiquities. This meal also requires early booking.All families live within the city and do not nee special transport cost. A bus comes near, taxi is also very cheap ($3-5 per a ride).The price includes meal itself and a guide/translator. No tickets are required.Depending on a person of a guide, different stories may be told - history, culture, architecture, economy, finance, global politics, healthcare, education, science, housekeeping etc.

$330 Cultural & Theme Tours

Treasures of Mangystau

ItineraryDay 1: Aktau - Akespe - Kapy Pass By: Aktau PlazaDeparture from Aktau (195 km asphalt, 22 km country road). Arriving in a mysterious valley dotted with huge stone balls of various fantastic shapes, they resemble huge mushrooms, a perfectly round oval, turtles, and an alien figures. Walk on the field of spherical concretions. Lunch in the field. Moving to the valley of the white rocks Akespe. Transfer to Capy (26 km, road with a grader surface). Dinner in the field and overnight in tents in Kapy.Meals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: CampingDay 2: Kapy - Shakpak Ata - AktauStop At: Aktau PlazaA walk along the canyon along the creek and tamarisk thickets. Transfer (61 km. 4 km country road) and a visit to the underground mosque Shakpak - ata. You will visit the unique four-chamber underground mosque Shakpak ata carved on a rock, representing the best traditions of nomadic stone culture. Shakpak-ata canyon tracking.Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchNo accommodation included on this day.

$495 Kid Friendly

Mangystau - secrets and mysteries

ItineraryDay 1: Aktau - Karagie basin - Karatau mountains - Sor TuzbairPass By: Aktau PlazaDeparture along the route: Aktau - Karagiye basin (reserved part) - Karatau mountains (canyons of multi-colored clays) - Tuzbair sor.Meals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: CampingDay 2: Tuzbair - Shopan Ata mosque - Boszhira valleyPass By: Mosque Shopan-Ata, Mangystau ProvinceDeparture along the route: the Tuzbair - the underground mosque Shopan Ata - the valley of Boszhira - the section of the Ustyurt plateau chin.Meals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: CampingDay 3: Tuyesu - Senek - AktauPass By: Aktau PlazaDeparture along the sands route Tuyesu - Senek - Aktau.Meals included: • Breakfast • LunchNo accommodation included on this day.

$53 Cultural & Theme Tours

Astana City tour

Astana grand tour starts from the right bank river of Ishim, where all historical buildings of the city gathered together. In this sightseeing tour, you find out where the largest collection of gold is stored, will see Astana from above. Also will be able to learn how different religions peacefully coexist and why more than 130 nationalities like living in Kazakhstan.During the tour you will see:19th century building;Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan;Religious churches including the only synagogue of the capital;the largest cathedral mosque in Central Asia Hazret Sultan;a Catholic church where in 2002 Pope John Paul II served;The Palace of Peace of Harmony (pyramid);The biggest tent in Central Asia and much more;And also you will have the opportunity to see Astana from a bird’s eye view;

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