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Kamchatka DayTour: Horse Riding in the Wilderness

Our amazing tour begins  in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, first we will drive by off-road vehicle for ~ 2 hours to the horse farm located at the edge of birch forests on the northwest side of Koryaksky Volcano. Upon arrival to the farm, once ready, we will head towards Avacha River (8-10km). Full horse ride takes about 2 hours one way. If you want to shorten it, not a problem. During the ride, enjoy great sightseeing, learn about local wildlife (wolfs and bears can be seen from the distance on the slopes of the volcano), and relax at the picnic on the river (bring your own snacks for the picnic). When we return to the farm, our guide will take you to the forest for mushroom and berry picking. (locals do it all the time, so no need to worry about picking the wrong one.) After mushroom picking, you will be served dinner, and finally, closer to the evening, we will drive back to the city. If interested to stay overnight at the farm, it is possible in the wooden cabins or tents. (additional fees apply)

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Kamchatka Day tour by Air - Volcanoes of Kamchatka

During the tour, we will fly over remarkable Vilyucha, Gorely (1829 m) and Mutnovsky (2324 m) volcanoes. Located within ~ 70 km from Petropavlovsk, this group of volcanoes is particulary known for its "breathing" craters with geysers and gases colored in blue and yellow by fumaroles and mineralized thermal waters. If the weather permits, we will be able to fly into the Mutnovsky volcano crater and land for a short walk.In winter it is a good place for alpine skiing and snowboarding. In the south-east part of the foot there are hot springs. In summer there is a beautiful forty meters waterfall at the foot. The top of the volcano is cut on the western part and on its top the huge rocks elevate, separated by accumulation of ice and granular snow. Lava and pyroclastics which make these rocks are changed in variegate colors, possibly, by the fumaroles activity not so long ago. Slopes of the volcano are cut by deep barrancoses (ravines), descending radially from the top or from the middle of the slope. The space of the upper ones is filled with ice and granular snow.