Must see attractions in Pulau Ambon

  • S
    Sacred Eels of Waai

    Waai is famous for its 'lucky' belut (moray eels). For 10,000Rp, a 'guide' tempts the eels from dark recesses in a concrete-sided pond by feeding them raw…

  • M
    Mesjid Wapaue

    Kaitetu’s pretty little wood and thatch-roofed Mesjid Wapaue was originally built in 1414 on nearby Gunung Wawane. The mosque was supposedly transferred…

  • M
    Museum Siwalima

    This modest museum is ten minutes south of Kota Ambon, set in sloping landscaped gardens adorned with Japanese and Dutch cannons and a scowling statue of…

  • B
    Benteng Amsterdam

    In Hila, the 1649 Benteng Amsterdam is an impressive, old, walled fort. Though the walls are obviously rebuilt with concrete, the inner tower, with its…

  • C
    Commonwealth War Cemetery

    Known to locals as the Australian Cemetery, this neatly manicured cemetery was designed by a British landscape architect in honour of Allied servicemen…

  • B
    Benteng Victoria

    Undramatic Benteng Victoria (out of bounds due to army use) is a Dutch-era fortress. The site of Indonesian national hero Pattimura's hanging, it’s…

  • M
    Masjid Raya al-Fatah

    The town’s biggest mosque, Masjid Raya al-Fatah is a modern concrete affair, its gold-and-brown onion dome visible across much of central Ambon. Non…

  • F
    Francis Xavier Cathedral

    Named for the Basque missionary who visited Maluku in the 16th century, Francis Xavier Cathedral has a facade crusted with statues of saints and…

  • N
    Namalatu Beach

    Close to Leitimur's far southern tip, this shady south coast beach isn't great for swimming, but it's a popular hangout for the locals at the weekend.

  • G
    Gereja Tua Hila

    This photogenic wooden, thatched-roofed Catholic church was built by the Portuguese. It's closed to the public.

  • S
    Santai Beach

    This modest, partly rocky beach comes alive at the weekends when the locals arrive in force.

  • P
    Peace Gong

    This central landmark next to Pattimura Park was unveiled in 2009 and bears the flags of all nations.