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Bishnupur is in Bankura district, famous for its Baluchari silk saris and its pottery, particularly the stylised and iconic terracotta Bankura horse. Reproductions of detailed terracotta tiles from the temples are sold everywhere.

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$175 Day Trips & Excursions

Terracotta temples, Baluchari saree weaving & Pottery- Day trip from Kolkata

630 AM Departure from Kolkata10 AM- BishnupurWe step back to the 17th century and enter the world of the Malla Kingdom and its Terracotta temples. We visit a slew of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, the patron god of the Malla Kingdom. Our guide will tell you the story of how a tyrannical Malla King converted to Gaudiya Vaishnavism and how that provided the impetus for terracotta art to flourish in the 16th and 17th-century in Bishnupur.Among other temples, we will also visit Rasmancha,  the first temple constructed by the King Bir Hambir. It is a quaint pyramidal structure marked by huge, stepped masonry and a composite Chala type roof,  designed as a stage.We next head to visit weavers of the famous Baluchuri style silk sari. We will get to experience how the Saris are created on draw looms. It will be fascinating to see the intricate art of weaving ‘Ramayana’ scenes woven all over the saree border.415PM- Arrive in PanchmuraWe will visit the village of the famed potters of Panchmura. They are a fast dwindling tribe of master craftsmen of terracotta pottery. It will be fascinating to witness the transformation of a lump of clay baked in sun and burnt in mud kilns with dry eucalyptus leaves to magnificent looking figurines. Only 70 families continue to ply this trade. We will meet and interact with a few of these master terracotta potters.830PM- Drop back in Kolkata

$185 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Day Trip to Bishnupur from Kolkata

Upon meeting your guide at your hotel at 8:30am, board your vehicle and embark on a private full-day excursion to Bishnupur. The 100-mile (160-kilometer) scenic drive will take about 4 hours from Kolkata. Upon arrival into Bishnupur, begin with a visit of the most notable temples: Radhamadhab Temple built in 1737 CE by Shiramonidevi, Kalachand Temple built in 1656 CE, Radhagovinda Temple, and Nandalal Temple. In these temples, notice the treasure-trove of terracotta sculptures especially those related to, Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu and his love Radha which are depicted in most all of the temples.After enjoying a buffet lunch, continue the tour to see the performance stage, Rashmancha, built in 1600 CE. Then, visit Jogesh Chandra museum to get a taste of art and archeology. See tools from the Mesolithic and Paleolithic era, terracotta sculptures, and ornaments made of metal. View contemporary art, paintings, and rare photographs as well as a section of the museum dedicated to musical culture which includes instruments and photographs. To end the tour, visit Jor Bangla Temple and the Malla King's fort which lies in partial ruins.After the tour, you will be dropped back off to your hotel in Kolkata.

$112 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Excursion To Bishnupur From Kolkata With Tour Guide

Begin your tour with a pickup from your preferred Kolkata location as per You Tell Us we Pickup you. Meet our Trip Representative, then start your Day Trip . Bishnupur is a town in Bankura District in the state of West Bengal, India. It is famous for its Terracotta Temples and the Baluchari Sarees. Terracotta is a term normally used for sculptures made of earthenwares. Bishnupur is located around 4 hours drive from Kolkata.Bishnupur was ruled under the Gupta period by local Hindu kings . The place is also known as Mallabhum as it was the capital of Malla kings for almost thousand years.  Around 994 AD the place was named as Vishnupur, derived from the name of the Lord ‘Vishnu’, a very prominent Hindu God. The Malla rulers were Vaishnavites. They built the famous terracotta temples at Bishnupur.Major attractions of BishnupurTerracotta Temples  – These are the specialities of Bishnupur crafted by the  artists of the region from laterite and brick. The temples are made of Terracotta  tiles having scenes from the epic of  Mahabharata.Bishnupur Mela – It is held every year during the last week of December near the Madanmohan temple.Bishnupur Utsav – Its a recent addition and is held immediately after the Bishnupur Mela. It is a classical music and dance festival in recognition to the Bishnupur gharana of music. This gharana of music, a form of Hindustani Classical Music, had enjoyed the Royal patronage and flourished to reach its peak during the 18th century. It is rooted in the Dhrupad style  and is accompanied by Tabla , Sitar, Harmonium and flute.A snake festival is held on August.The Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Diwali is also celebrated with much enthusiasm.    Spots to visit at BishnupurMadanmohan TempleJore Bangla Temple of Keshta RaiPoncho Rotno Temple of Shyam RaiRasmanchaAcharya Jogesh Chandra MuseumPathar DarwajaGarh DarwajaLal BandhLalgarhStone ChariotNutan MahalAirconditioned Car for Transport with Knowledgeable Car Driver

$88 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip Bishnupur Ex Kolkata

Meet your tour guide at the designated hotel lobby in Kolkata at 07:30 am & drive to Bishnupur 160 kms / 4 ½ - 5 hrs one way On arrival at Bishnupur hot Bengali proceed for  lunch at  Tourist Lodge. on Direct payment.  Post lunch visit Rash Mancha, Dalmadal Cannon, Jor Bangla Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Malla King's Fort and Jogesh Chandra Pura Kirti Bhawan Museum.  at Rash Mancha (stage for dancing) you will see One of the famous attraction in Bishnupur which was built by BirHambir, a Malla King to celebrate the Ras festival.Dalmadal Cannon - located south of the Rash Mancha. This four meters medieval artillery piece was used successfully against the repeated Maratha attacks in 1742 A.D at Jor Bangla Temple  Built by RaghunathSingha II in 1655 A.D you will see  the temple greatly influenced by classical Bengali architecture. The temple is also known as the Keshta Raya Temple and is famous for its construction and terracotta sculptures. The Temple resembles two hut-like structures with separate angled roofs held together by a chala (tower) at the crown. Followed by Madan Mohan Temple – This temple is one of the largest temples in Bishnupur and consists of a square building and a domed ceiling. Constructed in in 1694 by Durjana Singh Deva in the 'ekaratna' (meaning single tower) style, Madan Mohan Temple has beautiful carvings on the walls featuring scenes from the Puranas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. and then to Malla King's Fort - Very little remains of the fort built between 1657- 1677 A.D by the Malla ruler king Bir singha. The gate of the old fort is of laterite stone and is called "PatharDurwaza" the kings soldiers would hide inside the gate and there were holes drilled in different directions for the ques. A stone chariot in laterite can be seen as cribbed to. and to Jogesh Chandra Pura Kirti Bhawan Museum At the end of your journey at 6.30pm sit back and relax on the drive back to your hotel in Kolkata reaching by 10,00 pm.