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Its wobbly comic-book streets aside, Lüneburg is a lovely town with attractive stepped-gable facades and Hanseatic architecture. It has a lively student population.

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Private Full-Day Hamburg Countryside Tour in a Large SUV

The 6-hour Hamburg sightseeing tour with large SUV vehicle will visit many places as well as having photo stops at many locations. Your first stop will be at Buxtehude. On the edges of the Altes Land region – an area of reclaimed marshland that's now the biggest fruit garden in Europe ‒ amidst the blossoms of the region's fruit trees, live the 40,000 residents of Buxtehude. Visitors will be particularly interested in the historical Old Town, with its pedestrian malls, system of dykes, historical graveyard (known as Viver), and the town's outer districts (or wards) which look out over the surrounding marshland. Don’t be fooled by the town’s fairytale charm; Buxtehude is over 1000 years old and is the first German town to be planned around a harbor, which offered a secure port of call for ships sailing up and down the Elbe. The town was once a lively Hanseatic city, and worth a visit. Continuing along the south bank of the Elbe, your SUV takes you to the fruit-growing region of Altes Land. Here, you admire the scenic landscape of Germany's largest fruit-growing region with its bountiful apple and cherry orchards. You will see an amazing panoramic view of Hamburg from the Köhlbrand Bridge. After exploring the Buxtehude town, your driver will take you to Lüneburg. Here you will see a church with a twisted spire, buildings that lean on each other and houses with swollen ‘beer-belly’ facades. In parts it looks as if the charming town of Lüneburg has drunk too much of the Pilsner lager it used to brew. Of course, the city’s wobbly angles and uneven pavements have a more prosaic cause. For centuries, until 1980, Lüneburg was a salt-mining town, and as the ‘white gold’ was extracted from the earth, shifting ground and subsidence caused many buildings to tilt sideways.With its wobbly comic-book streets, its attractive stepped-gable facades and its magnificent Hanseatic architecture, Lüneburg is a lovely town to visit. Bidding a fond farewell to Lüneburg, you will journey back passing other beautiful villages dotted around the gently rolling countryside.

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Hamburg, Lüneburg, and Lübeck Private Driving Tour

Receive a comprehensive overview of Hamburg and its surrounding countryside on this private, 6-hour tour. In the morning, your driver will pick you up directly from your port or accommodation in Kiel, Travemünde, or Hamburg; you’ll spend the day exploring via a luxurious SUV.Start off by visiting some of Hamburg’s iconic landmarks. Take in the baroque splendor of St. Michael’s Church and visit the Beatles-Platz, a vinyl record-shaped public plaza devoted to the Fab Four (don’t forget that they had their big break in Hamburg in the early 1960s). From there, drive along the harbor and take in the waterside views. While snacks and beverages are provided, you can choose to stop off for an optional lunch break as well.Other Hamburg highlights you can see on the tour include the Rathaus — the city’s majestic town hall — several medieval churches, ruins dating from World War II, the city’s symphony hall, and any number of maritime sights. The city earned UNESCO World Heritage certification in 2015, so there’s never been a better time to visit.Beyond the city, this tour will also take you to the charming town of Lüneburg, famous for its “beer belly” houses with swollen facades and its off-kilter buildings. The region is well known for its pilsner, but the architectural quirkiness is instead a result of its mining heritage.Next on the itinerary is the city of Lübeck, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With more than 1,000 historic buildings — many of which display the city’s signature “Brick Gothic” style — it’s full of picture-book enchantments. Once you’ve seen the sights, motor on through the beautiful, rolling countryside of the region. The tour ends when you’re dropped off at your area accommodation or port.