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From Shatili the road continues 3km northeast then veers south just before the Chechnya border. At the bend, the Anatori Crypts, medieval communal tombs with human bones still visible, sit on a promontory above the gorge: in times of plague, infected villagers would voluntarily enter these tombs and wait for death. The road continues 9km up the Andaki valley to tiny Mutso, where the abandoned old village on a steep rock pinnacle contains several more bone-laden stone crypts. A foot trail continues over the very steep Atsunta Pass (3431m) into Tusheti.

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$650 Multi-day & Extended Tours

5 Day Jeep Tour to Georgia from Tbilisi

Day 1 Arrival to Tbilisi International Airport. Transfer to Hotel, resting for morning start of the trip. Staying in Tbilisi.Day 2 Mtskheta, Tbilisi Surroundings - Didgori Battle Site. Briefing about trip, handing over the jeeps. The group will Head to Trialeti Mountain Range. Arrival to Didgori Battle Site. You will see beautiful nature of Trialeri Range. Arrival to Mtskheta, visiting Svetitskhoveli Cathedral(the Living Pillar Cathedral) with history dating back from 1st - 4th - 5th - 11th centuries, Staying in Mtskheta Hotel.Day 3 Pshavi-Khevsureti-Shatili-Mutso. Briefing of day. The cars will enter River Aragvi valley. The first location to pass is  Jinvali water reservoir. Soon the road will go deep to valley and enter Pshavi. Pshavi is small historic region of Georgia, it lies at foothills of Grater Caucasus Mountains and along Pshavi Aregivi river. The road continues deeper in the valley and goes up to Dtvisjvari Pass. The pass is one of highest on Europe continent, 2676 meters. The pass is covered with alpine fields and is only road to Shatili (Khevsureti). After the highest point the cars will start to decent on the other side and enter the village of Shatili. Shatili is one of best examples of Georgian construction art, it is a unique medieval fortress and fortified dwelling complex. The new valley goes deeper in Caucasus mountains and the road goes along river banks to the Village Mutso. Mutso is almost completely abandoned century ago. The village has retained its original architecture, towers, stone houses and other buildings. Its favourite place for mountain trekkers and tourists.  After visiting Mutso the cars come back to village Shatili to nice local guest house. Staying in Shatili.Day 4 Ananuri - Kazbegi – Gergeti Trinity Church Briefing. The first stop will be at Jinvali water reservoir, Ananuri Fortress complex. Ananuri was a castle for Eristavi Dukes of Aragvi. The complex has been on the tentative list of inclusion into the UNESCO world heritage site program. Second stop will be by the fascinating views from the top of Jvari (Cross) Pass 2379 meters. Soon the road will enter Kazbegi. The main attraction point in Kazbegi is Gergeti Trinity Church, located on the top of the mountain at the elevation of 2170 meters. Staying in Kazbegi.Day 5 Journey to Tbilisi, Shopping-Wine Gallery-AirportArrival to Tbilisi. Shopping in old Tbilisi. Visiting Wine Gallery, ancient Georgian wines tasting. Free time. Transfer to Tbilisi International Airport. The time and locations can weary depending on flight time.

$160 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Hike Tour in Khevsureti

Itinerary: Day 1: Tbilisi-Jinvali-Datvijvari Pass-Shatili Jinvali Reservoir: is one of the largest artificial water reservoir in Georgia. It is located at the confluence of rivers Mtiuleti Aragvi and Fshavi Aragvi. Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum- Khevsureti is one the most isolated region in Georgia. Because of it, local people kept their traditions in the purest forms. This small museum consists unique displays of local people’s life, weapons, clothing, other artefacts. Datvijvari Pass - (engl. "bear's cross) – is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2689 m. Its construction finished in 1970s and nowadays is one of the most dangerous road. It is situated on the Great Caucasus mountain range and offers stunning views of the surrounded mountains. Lebaiskari Tower – is a medieval type tower and guards the Shatili road. It has five floors. The first floor was used to be as a shelter for kettles, while middle floors for the living purposes. The last floor was the purpose of fighting and giving fire signals. Shatili – is a unique mediaeval-type complex unites defensive towers with fortified dwellings. All complex was built as a single village with small and narrow streets and common defense walls. All buildings were built by only using stone and mortar. Shatili was the guardian of the northeastern outskirts of Georgia. Day 2: Shatili-Mutso-Shatili-Tbilisi Kachu fortress: a late medieval-type fortress is situated on the top of the mountain. Today, it is in ruins but in the past served as an important stronghold of Khevsureti. It can be accessed from Shatili, after 1,5 km hiking.  Mutso fortress: is another defense complex in Khevsureti region. Located on a rocky mountain (1880m) and consisted tens of strong towers, it created the most formidable stronghold for Georgians against the foreign invaders. The village is now largely abandoned but still amazes visitors with its beautiful surrounding scenery, towers and architectural type. Recently, Mutso fortress complex has been renovated. Shatiliskhevi and Mitkhuli gorges – for hikers wishing to take further outdoor activities are the best places. Take an optional hike for up to 10 km in the narrow gorges. We follow the rivers upstream and explore its unspoiled basins.

$700 Multi-day & Extended Tours

7-Day Trekking from Tusheti to Khevsureti via Atsunta Pass

Itinerary: Day 1 Tbilisi - Alvani – Omalo We will meet you at your hotel and drive to Kakheti region. We follow a mountainous pass and cross it at an elevation of 2850m. After 6 hours driving, we arrive and explore Omalo & Keselo Towers. Overnight in Omalo. Day 2 – Omalo-Dartlo-Kvavlo (Moderate,Walking distance 18 km, Duration 6 hours ) In the morning, we hike to village Dartlo in Pirikiti Tusheti valley. It has been recently renovated and is a typical village of Tusheti with medieval stone houses and defensive buildings. From Dartlo, we are hiking to village Kvavlo, a village of mostly ruined towers and houses overlooking Alazani river and surrounding mountains. One way hiking requires to cover 3.2 km, ascending is 400 (from 1 833 to 2 182) and one way takes around 2 hours to finish. Overnight in Dartlo.  Day 3 – Kvavlo-Chesho – Parsma-Girevi, Moderate (Moderate, Walking Distance 14 km, duration 6 hours) In the morning, we continue our journey in Tusheti. We follow upstream the Pirikiti Alazani river and its narrow gorge. At first we visit villages of Chesho and Parsma with beautiful houses and stone towers. Afterwards, we are taking a narrow walking path and reach village Girevi. Overnight in Girevi. Day 4 – Girevi-Kvakhidi (Hard, Walking Distance - 13 km, Hours – 7) After breakfast, we start the most difficult part of our trekking tour. We follow the narrow gorge above the Girevi, cross small mountainous rivers, ruined village Chontio and stop near Kvakhidi. This place is in open green fields, alpine meadows and rock stones. Here we set up tents and have a dinner.  Overnights in Tents. Day 5 Kvakhidi- Khidotani ridge (Very Hard, Walking Distance 10 km, Hours 7) In the early morning, we start hiking up to the highest point of our trip. We reach Atsunta Pass at the elevation of 3431 m. Here we stop for snacks and enjoy panorama views of surrounding alpine meadows and mountains. Then, we descend into the Khidotani ridge and stop in the open alpine meadow for camping. Overnight in tents Day 6 Khidotani ridge to Mutso (Moderate, Walking distance 14 Km, Hours – 7) We walk to the Mutso village,which was has been renovated. We take a detour and hike for 2 km to Mutso fortress. Near Mutso, our transport with our driver will wait for us. From here, we drive to the village Shatili. Overnight at guesthouses in Shatili. Day 7 Shatili -Tbilisi In the morning, we take a walking tour around Shatili which unites defensive towers with fortified dwellings. Afterwards. We drive to Tbilisi.

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