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But the place is best known to history for its role as a notorious WWII concentration camp. Around 150,000 men, women and children, mostly Jews, passed through on their way to the extermination camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau – 35,000 of them died here of hunger, disease or suicide; only 4000 survived.

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From Prague to Terezin Concentration Camp Day Trip with Guide

Meet your guide in central Prague at Masarykovo nádraží station for Bohušovice nad Ohří, just north of the city. As you travel, learn about Terezin’s past as a 18th-century fortress, and how, in WWII, its walled garrisons were converted into a Nazi concentration camp. Hear how the rail line your train is following is the very same one used during the war to transport Jewish people to the complex.Disembark at Bohušovice and see the disused sidings from where many prisoners were taken on to Terezin. Then, board a cab or bus for a short drive to the camp entrance.Your tour focuses on Terezin’s Main Fortress, the part of the camp that became a ghetto for Jewish people from across Europe. Walk through the gate emblazoned with arbeit macht frei or ‘work sets you free,’ and take a guided tour around the grounds and buildings that mark the horrors that took place here.Hear how an estimated 35,000 people perished in Terezin, and learn about the conditions endured by those incarcerated here. See the barracks, prison cells and Jewish prayer room, and view the former SS camp headquarters and guards station.As you walk, listen to the story of how Terezin was presented to International Red Cross monitors as a vibrant Jewish community, with leisure facilities, shops and theater and music shows. Learn about this cruel farce and how, despite unspeakable suffering, many Jews managed to keep hope alive.Explore the museum that tells some of the prisoners’ stories and displays drawings made by some of the children. Watch a Nazi propaganda film about the camp, and walk around the moving Jewish cemetery, crematorium and columbarium. While visits here can be distressing, your guide will provide sensitive commentary throughout.Afterward, travel back to Bohušovice for your return train to Prague, where your day trip ends at the train station.

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Terezin Concentration Camp Tour from Prague with Ghetto Museum

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Magdeburska Kasarna (Magdeburg Barracks)Explore the camp with your guide as they explain all the history behind this campDuration: 20 minutesStop At: Muzeum GhettaExplore the camp with your guide as they explain all the history behind this campDuration: 20 minutesStop At: Terezin MemorialExplore the camp with your guide as they explain all the history behind this campDuration: 20 minutes

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Terezin Concentration Camp Tour from Prague with Admission

Originally, Terezín was built in the 18th century as a strategic fortress for protection against the Prussian armies. You will visit the town of Terezín and its fortress on our air-conditioned bus. During World War II the Nazis established a police prison in the Small Fortress, and the town itself was turned into a Jewish ghetto. After arriving in the fortress, the guide will take you through the wartime history of Europe, where you will learn what life in the largest Czech concentration camp was like. Terezín definitely belongs among the places that are historically very interesting, and visiting it will help you understand the wartime history of Europe.

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Bus Tour to Terezín from Prague

Join your small group at 9am in Prague's city center and climb aboard a comfortable air-condition bus to begin your 5-hour tour to Terezín.  Built as a military fortress by Emperor Josef II, Terezín is more closely tied to World War II. Known as Theresienstadt concentration camp, the walled garrison town's main fortress served as a holding camp for Jewish people from all across Europe and was exploited for Nazi propaganda purposes during a Red Cross visit in 1944. The lesser-known Small Fortress was a prison run by the Reich’s secret police, the Gestapo. During the bus ride, listen as your guide shares insights into the events leading up to World War II and the Holocaust. Begin your tour at the museum located in the Large Fortress, formerly an all-boys school, which details the personal experiences of prisoners held here. Then, view an authentic propaganda film before moving on to the cemetery and crematorium.Cross the river and discover the conditions that centuries of prisoners had to endure at the Small Fortress. See the cell of Franz Josef's assassin and learn about the cramped quarters and firing squads of the Holocaust era. This trip provides a powerful, personal look into some of the darker moments in history, but also highlights the strength and resilience of the faith maintained by its inhabitants.Return to the departure point in central Prague five hours later.

$80.82 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour: Terezin Half-Day Tour from Prague

Meet your private driver and guide at your Prague hotel, from where your half-day trip starts. After an approximate 1-hour drive, you will reach the town Terezin. Terezin was founded by Emperor Josef II in the 18th century and originally had been an ingenious system of the military fortresses. It was also used as political prison. During World War II, Terezin was converted into a concentration camp for Jewish people from all over Europe, and more than 35,000 people lost their lives within its walls. During the tour your guide will take you to small fortress, which served as the prison of the Prague Gestapo from 1940 to 1945. In 1994, a new permanent exhibition opened here, devoted to the history of the political prison. Furthermore you will visit Ghetto Museum, which is located in the building of the former Terezín School. The exhibitions have been arranged with the assistance of former prisoners of the Terezín Ghetto. At the end your tour your guide will take you to the former Magdeburg Barracks where you can find a replica of a prison dormitory from the Ghetto period. Lunch is not included in the tour -- it is recommended have lunch in Prague. The end of the tour will be at your hotel or a place in central Prague that suits you.

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Terezin Fortress and Concentration Camp Tour from Prague

Terezín was meant to defend the Czech Republic and Prague from the aggressive Prussians. It was so perfectly designed that nobody even dared to siege it. That’s why you can nowadays explore more than 37.25 miles (60 kilometers) of its defense tunnels and hidden mine chambers. Learn from your guide how the system worked and how this marvelous piece of engineering could turn into a deadly trap for anyone daring to siege it. After discovering its famous past, you’ll dig into very dark history of 20th century when Terezín was used as a Jewish ghetto and a labor camp, as well as Gestapo prison. Over 150 000 people went through the ghetto, only 35 000 survived to the end of the war. Learn how people lived and worked inside the ghetto and have exclusive access to recently discovered messages they left behind. Lastly, you’ll visit a former Gestapo prison in Small Fortress, where political enemies of Nazi Germany were kept. Every fourth person who entered, never saw the end of the war, dying of horrible conditions, malnutrition or simply being executed. Get to know what life was like for prisoners as well as their guards. Terezín is simply an experience you’ll never forget.

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