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In late 1958, Che Guevara camped here on his way to Santa Clara. Almost three years later, CIA-sponsored counterrevolutionary groups operated a cat-and-mouse guerrilla campaign from the same vantage point.

Not strictly a national park, Topes is a heavily protected 200-sq-km area straddling three provinces. The umbrella park contains Parque Altiplano, Parque Codina, Parque Guanayara and Parque el Cubano. A fifth enclave, El Nicho in Cienfuegos Province, is administered by the park authority.

The park name comes from its largest settlement, a 1937 health resort founded by dictator Fulgencio Batista for his sick wife. A tuberculosis sanatorium turned health 'resort’ began construction in the late '30s and opened in 1954.

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