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During the summer season a little land 'train' (10KN) tootles between the hotels and Sakarun Bay. Mainly pebbly, with a small strip of sand, this is one of the island's prettiest beaches – although there's not much shade and the water's painfully shallow (but it's great for families with small children). To get to the beach by car from Božava, turn right onto the main island road and look for the turn-off on the left after 3km.

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Private off beat speedboat tour to Dugi otok and Molat islands

On our Molat and Dugi otok tour which lasts at least 7-8 hours or more if you want, we’ll take you towards the northern part of Ugljan island, and through the passage of Muline towards Dugi otok. While cruising towards the small and picturesque village of Božava on Dugi otok, you’ll see a lot of islands on the way, Rivanj, Sestrunj, Zverinac, Iž, Rava. Once we get to Božava, we’ll have a quick break, just to get you accustomed to the slow pace of life on Croatian island. We can have an ice cream, coffe or a cold beer before we proceed towards Veli Rat. Minutes after we leave Božava we’ll find ourselves in front of a warship shelter, which is particularly impressive and is a relic from the past, built during the cold war period to keep the strategically important Maknare passage safe. We’ll proceed in between Zverinac and Dugi otok, and towards Lagnići island where you’ll be able to snorkel around the sunken ship which holds many secrets. Alternatively, we can find you a nice beach with turquoise waters to relax.After the swim, we’ll position ourselves underneath the Veli Rat lighthouse, which was built in 1847, and is still the highest lighthouse in this part of the Adriatic. You’ll be able to climb the lighthouse to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the area before we go down to the beach restaurant where you can have lunch, or you can camp yourself underneath the pine trees and have a picnic on the beach.Once you had your rest, we start heading towards Molat island and its pristine wilderness. Mostly known for its infamous concentration camp in the WW2 period, Molat is one of the hidden gems of Zadar archipelago, and now known for Doplhin spotting. Once we go past the islands of Tun Mali and Tun Veli looking for dolphins, we’ll find ourselves in a private and secluded sandy beach, which is perfect for all sorts of games in the shallow water or just for sitting in the sand, with water gently cooling you down while you sunbathe and enjoy a cold drink. This small bay is extremely child-friendly, as the water is very shallow and sandy so you can relax before we start heading back home to Zadar. On our way back, we can make another brief stop to visit another important lighthouse, but that’s up to you, and the energy you’ve got left.