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It makes a great day trip from Medellín. Don't miss sampling pulpa de tamarindo, the beloved sour-sweet candy made with tamarind from the surrounding valley.

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Day Trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia from Medellín

Spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of Medellín on a relaxing day trip to the historical city Santa Fe de Antioquia. After pickup from your Medellín hotel, enjoy a scenic drive to Santa Fe de Antioquia and marvel at the stunning natural landscapes. Drive through 50 miles (80 km) of unspoiled terrain, through mountains and valleys and over rivers. You'll also pass through the Tunnel of the West, Colombia's longest tunnel at 2.6 miles (4.2 km). The beautiful drive allows for great photo opportunities of pristine Colombian nature. Upon arrival in Santa Fe de Antioquia, you'll be amazed at the unique ambiance and colonial appearance of this historical city. Feel as if you’re walking alongside Spanish royalty as you stroll through the cobbled streets displaying beautiful Spanish colonial architecture. With your guide, visit three of Santa Fe de Antioquia's main attractions: the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Archiepiscopal Palace and Plaza Mayor Juan de Corral. Afterwards, walk across the famous Puente de Occidente, a suspension bridge over the Cauca River, before relaxing on the drive back to your Medellín hotel.

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Santa Fe de Antioquia and Coffee tour

Pick up at your accommodation in Medellín at 9:00 am.A tour of the colonial settlement and the most traditional towns of Antioquia. The colorful fruit and overflowing warmth of the region make this the ideal tour to gain a more thorough understanding of Medellin and its tradition that laid the framework for the independence movements of Antioquia. It is also the perfect excuse to walk the cobblestone streets of the department’s old capital. This is a full day (8 ahours approx) private tour. The outbound road to the west is framed by new buildings and developments, such as the university citadel integrating El Pascual Bravo, ITM and Colegio Mayor de Antioquia. We will pass by the Western Metrocable which the final station is Aurora, where the South American Olympic village was constructed for the 2010 games. From there we continue to the town of San Cristobal, one of the beneficiary sites of the Master artist Botero’s generosity, where he donated a statue of a cat for the library park. We move onward to see the Fernando Gomez Martinez tunnel. With a total length of 4.8 km, it is the largest in the country as well as the continent. By traveling through the mountain we will be saving almost 30 minutes of travel time. We will again breathe fresh air and look upon mountain hosting a picturesque township called San Sebastian de Palmitas this is our first stop where we'll visit a traditional coffee farm, a wonderful place where we will have the chance to become coffee growers for a day. The tour begins with a look at the cultivation, to see how coffee is planted, its growth and its harvest. We continue to the beneficiadero to observe the process of pulping and washing coffee beans, then drying, roasting and grinding. At the end, an excellent cup of coffee will be waiting for us. We continue towards the Mother City (Ciudad Madre). Arriving in Santa Fe de Antioquia we will visit the main park and the Metropolitan Cathedral, the fountain de la Garza as well as monuments to Bolivar and Juan Del Corral Museum, Mariscal de Robledo, Santa Barbara Church and if we lucky we'll enter to the museo de arte religioso, and finally we'll visit the Western Bridge, a work of paisa engineering built by Jose Maria Villa in the early twentieth century and we'll across it. The lunch is included in a typcal restuurant at Santa Fe de Antioquia. We return to Medellin having experienced the old town and visited this beautiful municipality that seems frozen in time.

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Medellín - Path of the sun and the fruit

One of our representatives will pick you up at the hotel to take you on a tour along the western side of the Antioquia department. We will visit some of the most beautiful and charming municipalities like San Jerónimo, known as 'the land of the cocoa'; Santa Fe de Antioquia, the first capital of the department famous for its fruit, stone paved streets and mud walled houses; this town which makes part of the Network of Colombian Heritage towns that captivates the travellers with its colonial architecture, manifested in white facades, wooden doors and windows. We will also visit the suspension bridge, built between 1887 and 1895 over the Cauca River and enjoy of a typical lunch. The tour finished with the return to the hotel.

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Transport Medellín to Santa Fe de Antioquia

Your driver (Spanish-speaking) will pick you up at your hotel in Medellín and take you on a round-trip to the wonderful colonial town of Santa Fe de Antioquia. Santa Fe de Antioquia was founded in 1541 by Jorge Robledo and it used to be the capital of Antioquia before the government moved to Medellín in 1826. Since then, it's as if time stopped and the town's center is still perfectly preserved, taking you back to the colonial time. Your driver will wait for you so you can walk around, get to know the town and have a traditional lunch. At about 04:00 PM you will head back to Medellín, where you will be dropped off at your hotel or your preferred place within the city limits.

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Overnight Tour from Medellin: Santa Fe de Antioquia and Jardín

This overnight trip takes you to two of Antioquia’s oldest and most picturesque towns, both with traditional whitewashed and painted houses but different in their appearance and atmosphere.Santa Fe de Antioquia is the region’s oldest settlement founded in 1541, and known as one of the towns that formed Colombia’s towns as we know them today.The village Jardín is out second town, which was officially founded about 300 years later and it's different in its structure, colours and climate.After more or less two hour ride by car, our first stop will be at the Puente de Occidente, or Bridge of the West, as it is situated in the west of Antioquia. Finished in 1895 after 108 years of construction, it was considered the seventh largest suspension bridge worldwide and was declared a National Monument of Colombia later in 1978.First we’ll admire it from the distance, then we’ll walk over the bridge. Looking at the Cauca River, we'll see a magnificent panorama of the surrounding scenery before we continue our tour to Santa Fe de Antioquia.We’ll arrive at the main square where we’ll get a first impression of Antioquia’s former capital. Walking past the fountain and street vendors selling their goods, we make our way through traditional cobblestone streets lined with whitewashed houses to a local restaurant to have a delicious traditional lunch.The next morning we’ll start the day with a typical Colombian breakfast before we’ll get the chance to see more of Jardín and its surroundings.We’ll stroll down the streets to have a closer look at beautifully painted houses as well as chairs that are pieces of art with hand-painted pictures of the area on them. Then we’ll enjoy a fabulous view over Jardín where we take a gondola to the top of the mountain before we’ll visit a trout farm and a large park near Jardín.Afterwards we’ll be on our way to get the real experience of visiting a traditional coffee farm and hear about how Colombia’s finest coffee makes its way from a bean to a cup. We’ll learn everything from growing the beans to harvesting and processing them until they can be roasted and are ready to be used for a delicious cup of coffee. We’ll watch as the coffee farmer, or cafetero, prepares the liquid gold and explains different methods of brewing coffee. Then we finally get to taste the delicious result.Before we are back on the car to return to Medellín, we’ll try another traditional lunch on the coffee farm with the region’s best ingredients.

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Santa Fe de Antioquia Full Day

itinerary • 8:00 am: Passengers are picked up at the place where they are staying. • During the trip we will indicate some places of interest (1 hour) • Arriving in Santa Fe de Antioquia there will be a city tour through Puente de Occidente and the city. Accompanied by the coordinating guide. (1hr.Approx) • After the city tour, there will be free time to explore its streets and make purchases. (1hr.Approx.) • Then the group heads to the sunny day where they will spend a relaxing afternoon with pool and sun. • Lunch will be in the same place, in time to coordinate with the guide beforehand • 5:00 pm: Time to return to Medellín. each passenger will be left in the place where they are staying.Transportation: Our vehicles are suitable according the number of passengers, it has air conditioning.Bilingual coordinator

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