Best hotels and hostels in Qinghai

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Tongren

    Rebgong Norbang Travel Inn

    The Norbang is an excellent choice in Tongren and offers fantastic value with stylings that are almost boutique-hotel. Forgo the generic western-style rooms, and pay a little extra to bunk in a traditional Tibetan-style room with wooden platform beds, ornate ceiling, polished wood flooring and large and very clean sparkling shower rooms. Breakfast is ¥10 extra (upstairs on the top floor).

  • Lodging in Yushu

    Jiégǔ Sì Dàjiǔdiàn

    A stuffed antelope with a wooden tongue greets visitors to this large and decent hotel with faded yet spacious Chinese-style rooms. Rooms all come with independent wi-fi, TV, kettle, desk and shower. The hot water is rather lukewarm and you need to let it run for quite a while beforehand. Discounts lower rates to around ¥150. Located 250m east of the main square.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Huzhu Beishan Forest Park

    Cáilúnduō Sēnlín Nóngzhuāng

    This sprawling lodge houses 19 comfortable rooms, a BBQ patio, riverside pagodas and a restaurant wing. While short on English, the owners are high on service. Sample the in-house brewed highland barley báijiǔ (clear liquor) and pick local dishes (from ¥15) such as yak and wild mushrooms from an English menu.

  • Lodging in Xining

    Sofitel Xining

    Xining's first foreign five-star hotel, the Sofitel guarantees a plush stay: rooms have soft beds, and large bathrooms have bathtubs and giant showers. Expect reasonable discounts.

  • Lodging in Xining

    Starway Hotel

    This smart midrange option has a very central location right on Dong Dajie: you won't find much English spoken here but rooms are spacious, tidy and modern with work desks, coffee and water provided, and clean en-suite bathrooms. Wi-fi works well, even with a VPN. Ask if breakfast is included as they may just throw it in, otherwise it's an extra ¥25.

  • Lodging in Guide

    Jinheyuan International Hotel

    This glossy hotel offers bright, spacious and fully equipped rooms decorated to a high standard, with automatic lights in shower rooms and large, comfortable beds. Staff speak limited English and the breakfast buffet is Chinese-food only (with no coffee). It's obliquely opposite the bus station, so not in the old town and a bit stranded, but a taxi is only ¥6 to most sights.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Yushu

    Gesar Palace Hotel

    Located 100m west of the town square, and towering over the local buildings, is the town's best hotel, flooded with traditional Tibetan decor in the cavernous lobby. Rooms feature comfortable beds, tasteful dark-wood panels and modern toilets. Service is friendly and comfort levels make this a good choice. Discounts regularly bring rooms down to ¥290.

  • Lodging in Xining

    Lete Youth Hostel

    A warren of rooms high up in a tall building, this backpacker haunt has been running for years, and everything is slightly faded. Someone here usually speaks some English and most guests are Chinese, but you can usually find fellow travellers for joint tours (arranged by the hostel). There's a pleasant common area with long views. Bike rental is ¥40 per day.

  • Lodging in Tongren

    Peace Hotel

    It's not exactly the Peace Hotel on Shanghai's Bund, but this place at the back of a courtyard car park offers large clean rooms (overlooking the car park, rather than the hills behind, unfortunately). Good value for money, and the cheerful family owners will often offer discounts. Larger 'suite' rooms are also available.

  • Lodging in Xining

    Hehuang Memory Youth Hostel

    This cheerful hostel has clean six- and eight-bed dorms and friendly, English-speaking staff, but the real draw is the cosy communal lounge lined with bookshelves and offering a decent beer selection. In high season, western and Chinese food is available. Pros: great atmosphere and cheap prices. Cons: it's a bit far away from everything and there are squat loos. BYO toilet paper.

  • Lodging in Xining

    San Want Hotel

    If you're looking to splash out a little, this hotel does the trick, with clean rooms, English-speaking staff and a tour desk that can arrange excursions in the area. Rooms are of an international standard, with private bathrooms (and tubs), though like many similar hotels in this part of China, the decor is a bit dated. Breakfast included.

  • Lodging in Tongren

    Règòng Sìhéjí Bīnguǎn

    Ignore the dusty facade: this hotel has a colourful lobby that leads up through gold hallways to bright and clean rooms with flat-screen TVs and well-maintained bathrooms. It’s well placed on Tongren’s main road, about 200m before Lóngwù Sì. The hotel proudly declares it accepts foreigners with its sign 'Foreign-related hotel'.

  • Lodging in Guide

    Qinghai Guide Hot Spring Hotel

    The hotel is starting to show its age, but this is a decent choice for foreigners, with clean rooms, a heated pool (¥50 per use), a spa and pleasant garden grounds. There are no hot springs per se on-site; instead, the hotel claims to have piped water from the springs into its pool and taps. Located 1km west of the bus station.

  • Lodging in Nangchen

    Lóngzhū Dàjiǔdàn

    This business-style hotel with the colourful portico is a good choice for a decent level of comfort and service in town. Exit the bus station and turn right to follow Xiangda Dongjie along and down the hill and round the corner; the hotel is on the left.

  • Lodging in Golmud

    Qīnggǎng Bīnguǎn

    The closest option to the train station, this corner hotel has clean, modern rooms and a not-bad Chinese breakfast spread. It's 300m north of the train station along Jiangyuan Nanlu.

  • Lodging in Maduo

    Língguó Shāngwù Bīnguǎn

    This clean, centrally located hotel has western toilets, 24-hour hot water and heating. Discounts usually bring prices down to ¥210.

  • Lodging in Nangchen

    Dōngfāng Bīnguǎn

    This Salar-run hotel is simple with reasonably clean bathrooms and hot showers, bright rooms with fresh linen and heating in the winter. Located in an unfinished and unlikely looking brick block as you head 100m south down Xiangda Nanjie on the corner with Zhaxi Alley (扎西巷).

  • Lodging in Qinghai Lake

    Qīnghǎi Hú Qíshí Guójì Qīngnián Lǚshè

    Handy hostel with OK rooms, located at the eastern end of the main street in Heimahe. It's nothing special but you can find other travellers for shared trips to Bird Island (¥80 per person or ¥340 per car) and Chaka Salt Lake (¥80 per person or ¥320 per car). Staff can also organise a driver to take you to the shore for sunrise (¥25 per person).

  • Lodging in Yushu

    Pearl Business Hotel

    This hotel has an OK feel with all regular amenities and bright, clean bathrooms. There’s (usually) 24-hour hot water and rooms come with hairdryers and high-speed broadband connection. Prices are negotiable, so ask to see a room first.

  • Lodging in Golmud

    Dongfang Hotel

    This centrally located hotel has OK rooms. Some of the larger rooms come with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking noisy Hedong Market (河东市场, Hédōng Shìchǎng) and the main street. It's a ¥6 taxi ride from the train station.