Best restaurants in Guangxi

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Li River


    This fine rooftop restaurant experience is one of Yangshuo's best. The view of Moon Hill isn't quite as amazing as it used to be – thanks to a neighbour building a stack opposite – but it's still sublime. And the food remains top-notch: the rigatoni alla amatriciana (smoked bacon, onion and tomato) is lovely, but the whole menu's a winner. Romantic, delightful, highly appetising.

  • Restaurants in Yangshuo

    Mood Food Cafe

    Cooking up some of the best international cuisine in Yangshuo, Mood offers a long menu of wholefood, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Most items are made from scratch, ranging from nourishing bowls loaded with superfoods, along with veggie plates, soups and salads, to comfort food such as veggie burgers and nachos.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nanning

    Zhongshan Lu Market

    Don't come to Nanning without visiting this pulsating night market that buzzes along Zhongshan Lu each evening. It gets absolutely jam-packed, so it's not one for claustrophobes, and features endless rows of stalls cooking up skewers of all descriptions, from grilled meats and seafood to spiders and scorpions.

  • Restaurants in Guilin

    Chongshan Rice Noodle Shop

    A good place to sample Guilin noodles is this canteen-style restaurant located near the junction with Zhengyang Lu. Order at the front, take your docket to the cook and retrieve your food from a window. The slippery rice noodles come with a variety of ingredients, but the local speciality (also the tastiest) is with stewed vegetables (卤菜粉, lǔcài fěn).

  • Restaurants in Guilin

    Gongcheng Yaofei Oil Tea Restaurant

    One for those seeking out regional specialities is this atmospheric restaurant just north from the Song dynasty South Gate. It's a fitting place to sample Guilin oil tea (油茶; ¥3), a hot brew prepared from fried tea leaves and pork fat to which peanuts, rice puffs and scallions are added – it's an acquired taste favoured by Guangxi's ethnic minority people.

  • Restaurants in Daxu Ancient Town

    Xilin Hotel

    While no one comes to Daxu to visit its gritty town centre, foodies wanting to try a local delicacy should venture to the Xilin Hotel on the town's main thoroughfare to sample the beef hotpot with pickled bamboo shoots (酸辣牛排; ¥38).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Leye

    First Oyster

    Come evening, head to this no-frills barbecue joint for a delicious array of seasoned skewers cooked on its streetside charcoal grill. Choose from juicy mushroom and tofu skewers, grilled Beihai oysters, charcoal-grilled eggplant with garlic and shallots, and a mix of tasty lamb, beef and succulent crispy-skinned chicken wings. There's a fridge full of cold beers to wash it down.

  • Restaurants in Yangshuo

    Lèngwá Shǎnxī Fēngwèiguǎn

    This small and simple Shanxi eatery specialises in the addictive ròujiāmó (肉夹馍; flat-bread buns filled with beef or pork and peppers) and biángbiángmiàn (flat Shanxi noodles; the character for biáng is the most complicated in Mandarin, and impossible to reproduce here). One ròujiāmó is ¥10 and two are almost a meal; a bowl of biángbiángmiàn is ¥30.

  • Restaurants in Ziyuan

    Xiao Shi Hou Xiang

    In the northern part of town, along a scenic stretch of the Zijiang River, is this modern restaurant with booth seating, tasteful traditional decor and spicy Hunan cuisine. Most are here for the heaped plates of red crayfish, which you go at with your hands using the plastic gloves provided. To order, peruse the food displays at the kitchen.

  • Restaurants in Yangshuo

    Kali Mirch

    Like its sister operation in Guilin, this is a top choice for first-rate Indian food, with pleasant Indian staff and chefs. MSG-free and with all its spices coming from India, Kali Mirch also has alfresco seats. On the menu, there's butter chicken, authentic tandoori, six varieties of lamb dishes, and a healthy range of vegetarian and paneer choices too.

  • Restaurants in Nanning

    Abudu Gourmet Palace

    Drop by evenings for barbecued skewers of cumin-spiced lamb at this lively Xinjiang restaurant. Here a team of Uighur chefs man the charcoal grill throughout the night, catering to boisterous patrons digging into plates of meat, rounded loaves of bread and bottles of full-strength beer (a rarity in Guangxi). There are grilled veggie options, too, along with Muslim noodles.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Huangyao

    Dailong Farmer Restaurant

    Rarely does a famous eatery (it's been featured countless times by the media) uphold its culinary excellence, but that's precisely why patrons keep returning to feast on steamed spare ribs (豆豉蒸排骨, dòuchǐ zhēng páigǔ), stuffed tofu (豆腐釀, dòufu niàng) and other deliciousness on the riverbank. It's at the start of Dailong Bridge.

  • Restaurants in Nanning

    Amou Delicious Eats

    Unique and flavourful ethnic dishes served on a photogenic Wind and Rain Bridge or in a dining room. There's a huge range of ethnic food, from fried pork belly dipped in rice wine (么佬族乳香肉饼甜酒, melǎozú rǔxiāng ròubǐng tiánjiǔ) to fragrant máonán beef (毛南香牛扣, máonán xiāngníukòu). There's a photo menu.

  • Restaurants in Yangshuo


    With graffiti-splattered walls, Lucy's is quite an institution. Western and Chinese food are done with equal aplomb: aim for one of the terrace seats upstairs overlooking the tourist traffic below. There's shepherd's pie (¥58), beer fish (¥128), crispy duck (¥48), sizzling beef platter (¥55), tuna spaghetti (¥40) and more, plus full English brekkies (¥38).

  • Restaurants in Guilin

    Kali Mirch

    Tucked away behind the Sheraton, this fantastic restaurant is run by an affable and well-travelled man from Darjeeling, who speaks perfect English and ensures that every dish is true to form. The vegetable samosas, onion pakoras, butter chicken and lamb biryani are just a few excellent dishes from a tried-and-tested menu, with all spices imported from India.

  • Restaurants in Nanning

    Ganjiajie Lemon Duck

    One of several branches in town, the star here is the tasty lemon duck (柠檬鸭, níngméngyā), a Nanning dish that cooks the fowl with pickled lemon peel, ginger, garlic and chilli. You'd be quackers not to try it. Choose from two types of duck: we recommend the more tender cherry duck (樱桃谷鸭, yīngtáo gǔyā).

  • Restaurants in Yangshuo

    River View Hotel Restaurant

    Just a street removed from traffic-choked Diecui Lu, this place offers good food, quiet surrounds and attractive prices, with river views to boot. There's an English menu with pizzas and burgers, and a Chinese one with all the usual suspects and the likes of Yangshuo beer duck and excellent vegetarian options. Good breakfasts too.

  • Restaurants in Xingping

    Old Neighbourhood

    Old Neighbourhood's owner is a self-made cook from northeastern China who's lived in Guangdong, so dishes from these and other regions all figure on the menu. Of particular note are the dumplings (饺子, jiǎozi) and the stuffed duck (莲子鸭, liánzǐ yā), which requires three hours’ pre-ordering.

  • Restaurants in Yangshuo

    Dacunmen Night Market

    This night market is a culture-filled slice of nontourist Yangshuo life. Watch locals sniffing out the best spices, haggling over snails or tucking into a dog hotpot. It’s a 30-minute walk from Xijie. After you pass the petrol station on Pantao Lu, look for the fire station on the left, behind which is the night market.

  • Restaurants in Pingxiang

    Yazhuang Vietnamese Restaurant

    This popular spot whips up tasty Vietnamese classics such as stir-fried beef with mango (芒果炒牛肉, mángguŏ chăoniúròu), squid baked in coconut (椰香局黑鱼, yēxiāng júmòyú) and spring rolls. It's diagonally across from Pingxiang High School (凭祥市高等中学).