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There is an attractive pier, a long, drawn-out lakeside beach and, above all, quaint German architecture and küchen aplenty with a soundtrack provided by buff-necked ibises, who cackle from rooftops all over town. Though the Germanness of this town can sometimes feel forced and too touristy compared to Puerto Octay, it remains a serene spot that makes for a pleasant alternative to staying in more chaotic Puerto Varas.

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Frutillar, Puerto Varas, Petrohué Waterfalls from Puerto Montt

After pickup from cruise port or hotel, you will head to Frutillar. Walk alongside Lake Llanquihue, the largest lake in Chile, with the view of Volcano Osorno in the background. Here, you shall enjoy seeing the majestic German houses with beautiful gardens full of fragrant roses, and the begonias. After you have walked around town accompanied by your expert guide, head to the van where you will go see the monumental “Theatre of the Lake” of Frutillar. You can enjoy some "kuchen" (Chilean dessert) in this town or at any of the other stops during the day. From here, head back south to the town of Puerto Varas. Puerto Varas was colonized by German settlers and is known for its German traditions, seafood, natural scenery and luxurious hotels. This town is located on the shores of Llanquihue Lake and the perfect cone of Osorno Volcano and the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Calbuco and Mt Tronador are visible from the lakefront. You will enjoy walking around town filled with fragrant roses and historical statues that represent the history and founding of the town. If you enjoy shopping for souvenirs to take back home or simply enjoy looking at the local crafts this is a great place to do it. You can also enjoy having a cold German beer at one of the many cafes in front of the lake. The German beers they sell were all originated and are still made right here, in southern Chile. From here, we continue our journey to Ensenada, and then towards Petrohue Waterfalls which is the cherry on the top of this great excursion. If time allows, we always stop along the way and visit the friendly llamas and alpacas that love to be fed! Once you get to the location where the falls are located, you'll embark on an easy walk with your guide to a pathway that leads to the waterfalls. You will see water tumbling over the lip of volcanic rocks, with the waters turning beautiful shades of blue and green. Surrounded by a thick forest, the falls stand against the gorgeous backdrop of Osorno Volcano, making for amazing photo opportunities. The mysterious and breathtaking emerald color of the lake is due to a microscopic algae and minerals in the water. Legend says that whoever drinks from its waters will have good luck for the rest of his or her life.

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Puerto Montt and Frutillar Shore Excursion from Puerto Varas

You start the tour from the port visiting the main square, the most important church and the viewpoint of Puerto Montt from where you can appreciate all the city located in front of the Bay of Seno de Reloncaví.You continue visiting the city of Puerto Varas, which has a population of 35 thousand people. This city is known for its streets adorned with roses and beautiful gardens, located in front of Llanquihue Lake, an icon of tourism in southern Chile, which still retains the typical wooden houses of larch and a rich cuisine, the result of the legacy of German colonization since 1852.Later you arrive at Frutillar, a typical small town of German colonization, a pearl in the south of Chile. An oasis of peace and calm with wooden houses, beautiful gardens and the incredible Lake Theathre, where they perform important classical music events. Walk on his lakefront street, with the Andes Mountains and volcanoes line view. Visit its craft emporiums, take a delicious coffee (optional) with a rich German cake, it is a delight difficult to compare.At the end you return to the port to complete this tour.Optional services: coffee/food and German Museum ticket.

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Puerto Montt Shore Excursion with German Colonial Museum Visit

When your cruise ship docks at the Puerto Montt port, your professional guide will pick you up and take you to the commune of Llanquihue on the border of Lake Llanquihue, one of the largest lakes in Chile. Spend some time in this farming town before continuing north along the lakeside road to Frutillar. This pretty town is known for its wonderful gardens and German style-houses overlooking the lake. Your guide will take you to the German Colonial Museum, which depicts the history of German colonial settlement in this region. Travel back in time as you browse exhibits with your guide and then enjoy free time to wander around the town at your leisure. You’ll then be taken back to the Puerto Montt port. Note: beginning January 1, 2014, all services are privateWorry-Free Shore ExcursionWe will ensure your timely return to the Puerto Montt port for this activity. In the rare event your ship has departed, we will arrange for transportation to the next port-of-call. If your ship is delayed and you are unable to attend this activity, your money will be refunded. See our terms and conditions for full details.

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4 - days discovery Lake Region & Puerto Varas

ItineraryDay 1: Puerto Montt Airport - Puerto VarasPass By: Aeropuerto El Tepual SCTE PMCArrival at El Tepual, Puerto Montt Airport. Upon arrival, meet with your driver who will transfer you to your hotel in Puerto Varas.Pass By: Hotel PuelcheOvernightNo meals included on this day.Accommodation included: Hotel Puelche Day 2: Puerto Varas - Osorno Volcano - Petrohue - Puerto VarasStop At: Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionPick-up at your hotel in Puerto Varas to explore the Osorno volcano. On the way we will pass by typical woodenchurches, Chilean farm houses and the town of Ensenada. We will drive through a thick forest of mostly nativeCoigües to reach Chile’s oldest National Park, Vicente Pérez Rosales, founded in 1926.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Saltos de PetrohuéOur first stop within this park will be the waterfalls of Petrohué. We will hike a short trail through native forests: you will be amazed bythe crystal green waterfalls.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Volcan Osorno, Puerto Montt, Los Lagos RegionWe will get back to the car and drive on heading to the slopes of the OsornoVolcano. At 1.300 m / 4.265 ft. above sea level, we will make a short hike over lava fields and enjoy the impressive view over the lake Llanquihue. On a clear day, we can see the Pacific Ocean.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Lago Todos Los Santos, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionOn our way, we will have time for a picnic lunch and be able to enjoy a great view over the lake “Lago Todos Los Santos” and several snow-capped volcanoes. In the afternoon return to your hotel in Puerto Varas.Duration: 3 hoursPass By: Hotel PuelcheOvernightMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Hotel PuelcheDay 3: Puerto Varas - Chile Island - Puerto VarasStop At: Chiloe, Isla Chiloe, Los Lagos RegionIn the morning we pick up at your hotel in Puerto Varas for our drive to the island of Chiloé, which includes a nice 30 minute ferry crossing during which we can observe sea lions and maybe dolphins. Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Centro Cultural DalcahueOnce on the island, we continue south to the fishing village of Dalcahue. We take our time to explore the beauties andculture of this beautiful small fishing village. Rustic homes, traditional fishing boats, and the friendly people makeDalcahue a charming village. On Sundays, we can visit an interesting local market in Dalcahue, where localtypical crafts are sold. You learn a lot about how traditional life in Chiloe is and was during the last years.Duration: 1 hourStop At: CastroWe continue our journey to Castro, the capital of Chiloe, to observe the traditional palafitos (houses builton stilts along the shore) and visit the majestic wooden church (an UNESCO World Heritage Site). We strollthrough town and stop at the crafts market featuring wood and woolen products from the region. In the lateafternoon we return to Puerto Varas driving along the eastern coastal road passing by several small fishingvillages.Duration: 2 hoursPass By: Hotel PuelcheOvernightMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Hotel Puelche Day 4: Puerto Varas - Frutillar - Puerto Montt AirportStop At: Lago Llanquihue, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionTrip along the Llanquihue Lake, the second largest lake in Chile, and enjoy gorgeous views of the volcanoes Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo, and Tronador.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Centro Comercial FrutillarWe will pick you up from your hotel in Puerto Varas and travel toFrutillar, a charming village on the bank of the huge Llanquihue Lake. The village is noted for the Germaninfluence on the architecture developed by the immigrants who arrived around 1853. Here, we will take awalk to visit some restored colonial houses and see the strong German influence on the architecture. Youwill learn about the history of this picturesque town and the time of the first German settlers. Afterward, we will visit the open-air German museum.Duration: 2 hoursPass By: Puerto Montt-Chiloe Toll PlazaIn due time, transfer to Puerto Montt Airport for your next flight.(we recommend to book next flight after 4:00pm)Meals included: • BreakfastNo accommodation included on this day.

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EXCURSION VOLCAN OSORNO (Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales)

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Volcan Osorno Centro de Ski y Montana, Ensenada, Los Lagos RegionEl centro se ubica a 1.672 metros de altura del volcán Osorno, dentro del Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales y distante a 62 kilómetros de Puerto Varas en la provincia de Llanquihue Region de los Lagos Chile. El volcán Osorno se situa a escasos kilómetros de las ciudades que rodean el espectácular lago Llanquihue, como Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Puyehue y la un poco más lejana Osorno. Es por eso que terminó por ser uno de los principales atractivos de la región cuando llega de la nieve.Desde su altura se puede apreciar la cuenca del Lago Llanquihue, el volcán Calbuco y parte del Río Petrohué.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Isla Loreley, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionOculto entre acantilados y densos bosques nativos se encuentra un particular espacio de tierra llamado Isla Loreley, rodeado de una laguna ubicada al costado del Lago Llanquihue, específicamente en el sector La Poza.A este hermoso lugar, situado a solo 16 kilómetros de Puerto Varas, se puede llegar a través de la ruta 225 que lleva a Ensenada justo al costado de la carretera, al cual se puede ingresar por distintas embarcaciones, las que deben cruzar entre la vegetación para llegar a él. * Valor Navegacón Opcional CLP $3.000 / UDS $ 5,00 Duration: 1 hourStop At: Laguna Verde, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionLaguna Verde, puerta de ingreso al parqueEl sector de Laguna Verde se ubica en Ensenada A los pies del VOlcan Osorno, es la “Puerta de Entrada” al Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales. La Laguna natural obedece su nombre porque ahí viven dos micro-algas en suspensión.Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Saltos del Petrohue, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionSaltos de Petrohué se encuentran a 50 kilómetros de Puerto Varas, dentro del Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales. Se caracteriza por sus cascadas de agua rodeado de bosque valdiviano en su variedad andina. La cascada se encuentra sobre una base de lava que provino desde el volcán Osorno. Este flujo de agua aumenta considerablemente en invierno por la lluvia y mantiene su color esmeralda durante todo el año debido al lago Todos los Santos. Duration: 1 hourStop At: Lago Todos Los Santos, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionSe ubica a 68 Km. de Puerto Varas y a 82 Km. al noreste de Puerto Montt. Con una extensión de 175 Km² y 36 Km. de largo, se conoce también con el nombre de Esmeralda, por el color de sus aguas. El Lago Todos los Santos tiene un origen volcánico, pues la lava del volcán Osorno creó la barrera en el valle y desvió hacía Ralún las aguas del río Petrohué que antes desaguaban en el Lago Llanquihue. Se encuentra en un entorno rodeado de bosques de coigües, ulmos, tepas, tineos y olivillos y de los volcanes Osorno, Puntiagudo y Tronador. *Navegación Opcional CLP $3.000 / USD $5,00Duration: 1 hourPass By: Lago Llanquihue, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos RegionSu nombre, otorgado por los pueblos originarios, significa lugar hundido o sumergido y su origen geográfico se debe a la acción de grandes ventisqueros que socavaron la cuenca, donde se acumuló el agua de los deshielos hacia el término de la última era glacial. En sus riberas se asientan ciudades como Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Llanquihue y Puerto Octay, además de otras localidades que, aunque más pequeñas en extensión, son reconocidas por su belleza natural y riqueza arquitectónica, como es el caso de Villa Ensenada y Las Cascadas.

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Llanquihue Town Tour from Puerto Varas

From Puerto Varas  We start our trip to Frutillar, first visiting the Llanquihue city, famous for their sausages, and it is where Maullin River begins, and this area is part of the ancient Route of Settlers. We will continue along the Llanquihue Lake to the Frutillar city.This city is a beautiful village that recalls the old Bavaria, from there were the first settlers who arrived to this area. The city started in 1856 as a boarding pier, son appeared tanneries, mills, breweries, etc. We will walk around its beautiful old houses of German style, admiring the gardens and incomparable views of the Osorno and Puntiagudo volcanoes.As an option, passengers can go to the German Colonial Museum which portrays the life of the settlers, and at the lake shore, observe the Teatro del Lago (Lake Theatre) here each year is presented the famous Frutillar Musical Week, this is a Summer Festival, presents classic music from Chile and abroad that offer each year, approximately 40 concerts.

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