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Long-overlooked, the capital is making efforts to attract a few tourists, with sculptures and street art dotted around. There are no major attractions here, but it's still worth a stroll and a lunch stop.

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$50.71 Day Trips & Excursions

Fuerteventura Island Tour and Scenic Ferry Ride from Lanzarote

Start your day trip with a pickup from your Lanzarote meeting point, and travel by air-conditioned coach to Playa Blanca, on the island’s southern coast. Board the ferry for your 30-minute crossing to Fuerteventura, an island that basks in the sparkling Atlantic to the south. Your ferry ticket is prebooked, so there’s no need to wait in line at the port. Once on board, sit back and contemplate the views over the waves and Fuerteventura on the horizon. Head south through Fuerteventura’s dramatic, stark landscapes to Betancuria, the island’s former capital. Cradled into volcanic hills, this ancient whitewashed hamlet was named after the 15th-century Norman explorer, Jean de Béthencourt, who conquered the island. Stroll around its pretty squares independently, and perhaps visit pretty Santa Maria church to see its fine Baroque altar. Next, trace the corkscrew mountain roads to a spectacular viewpoint. Take photos of the breathtaking mountain scenery in front of you and look out for the cheeky chipmunks that make a point of visiting the spot. Continue to Pajara, a traditional village famed for its Church of Our Lady of Regla, which boasts two aisles and Aztec-style door carvings. Wander around as you wish and then head towards South Corralejo, passing by Puerto del Rosario, the island’s capital. Continue to the spectacular National Park of Fuerteventura. The sight of this 6-mile (11-kilometer) expanse of giant sand dunes merging into the aquamarine sea will have your camera working overtime! Afterward, return to Corralejo and, following your ferry crossing, finish your tour with a drop-off at the meeting point.

$26.51 Water Sports

Caleta de Fuste Small-Group Guided Snorkeling Experience

This tour brings you this entertaining and thrilling activity in Caleta de Fuste, one of the best beaches in the island of Fuerteventura, very close to the capital (Puerto del Rosario) and to the airport. Snorkeling allows you to enjoy a water activity and to appreciate the local marine fauna with having to use a complicated diving equipment. With the mask, the diving tube, the neoprene suit and the fins provided, you will have a great time without having to worry about anything. An expert guide will supervise you at all times.Time in the water will be between 40 and 50 minutes. • You will enjoy a brief boat ride to the snorkeling area. • You will have all the necessary equipment at your disposal. • You will see a wide variety of fishes underwater.

$26.51 Transfers & Ground Transport

Fuerteventura Airport Private Transfer

Turisbeds offers you this transfer service so you can go from the airport of Fuerteventura to whatever location you need and vice versa. A driver will pick you and the rest of the passengers up, in case you book for more, and take you on a car or minibus wherever you need to go. When the transfer happens from the airport to your hotel, the driver will pick you and drop you off directly at your place to stay unless there is any impossibility, such as the hotel being at a pedestrian street, a close road, etc., in which case the driver couldn’t be accountable for getting the luggage to the hotel reception, but they will do everything in their power to help you. Even though it is far from likely, there might be a chance that your airline cancels your flight and makes you travel on another different from the one you booked. In this case scenario, and especially if this happens the same day you travel, please contact us immediately by telephone so we can be aware your new flight information. If the cancellation happens days prior, you can simply let us know via e-email: booking@vimotions.com. If you loose your flight and get to travel on the next one, please call us because otherwise we will be waiting for you when the previous plane lands. In case of a delay, there is no need for you to do a single thing; we are constantly monitoring the flights and your driver will be at the airport at your time of arrival, whatever it is. When the transfer happens from your hotel to the airport, the pick-up will be by default 3 hours before the departure of your flight.  It is rather important that all passengers show up with their luggage at reception at the agreed time. It may be nicer to wait in the gardens or at the pool, but some hotels are too big and complicated, so finding you could be difficult. As an additional courtesy, may we ask you to wait as close as possible to the main gate. This way, everything will flow easier.

$97.96 Water Sports

2-hour Scuba Diving Baptism in Caleta de Fuste

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productVimotions offers the perfect course for you if you are looking forward to stepping into the world of scuba diving. This course is done in Calesta de Fuste, very close to the capital (Puerto del Rosario) and to the airport. In just two hours or two hours and a half, you will learn a lot and enjoy the unforgettable experience of seeing the local marine fauna in their natural habitat. The course is divided into three parts: the first part consists of learning the theoretical basics. The instructor will explain the functioning of the equipment, the hand signals, the safety rules, etc. Then, you will do a firts immersion in the swimming pool in order to make you feel more comfortable and get used to the system. Finally, the diving part in the sea will come, during which you will be delighted by the local marine fauna and some photos will be taken so you can download them later at Deep Blue’s website. • Reach a maximum depth of 6 meters.• Enjoy the exciting marine fauna from Caleta de Fuste.• You will get photos of your activity so you can always remember.Duration: 3 hoursLocation: Caleta de Fuste Beach

$51.50 Cultural & Theme Tours

Ruta a Fuerteventura con Al Parque Nacional de Corralejo

Comience aprox. desde: 9:00 a.m. Fin aproximadamente: 7:00 p.m. El ferry desde Playa Blanca tarda solo 30 minutos en llegar a Corralejo, en el norte de Fuerteventura. Esta isla, dos veces el tamaño de Lanzarote, tiene un encanto único. Verá muchos pueblos rústicos en su viaje. Después de disfrutar del almuerzo, la sinuosa carretera nos lleva a Betancuria, la antigua capital, llamada así por el conquistador, Jean de Bethancourt. Continuando por las carreteras de montaña, nos detenemos en un mirador panorámico. Es aquí donde las muchas ardillas que viven en la zona salen a vernos. En nuestro viaje de regreso a Corralejo pasamos por la actual capital, Puerto del Rosario. Hacemos una breve parada en las dunas de arena de Corralejo, donde puedes pasear y tomar fotos. Abordamos el ferry de 6 o'oclock que nos lleva de regreso a Playa Blanca a aprox. 7:00 p.m. IMPORTANTE: Por favor, recuerde traer consigo los pasaportes originales. Si no proporciona los documentos requeridos, se denegará el embarque en el barco. Para todos los menores de 14 años que no viajan con el padre, la madre o el tutor legal, es necesario seguir un procedimiento específico. Consulte la sección "Embarque de Menores" e imprima la plantilla adecuada que debe entregarse el día de la excursión. Incluido en el itinerario: • Tarifa del ferry • Guía experimentado de habla inglesa • Bus moderno con aire acondicionadoCostos adicionales, opcionales: • Almuerzo