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Less than 20% of Keji's wilderness is accessible by car; the rest is reached on foot or by canoe. Bird-watchers will be in their element, while wildlife ranges from porcupines to black bear. On a less joyful note, biting insects are rampant; watch out for eel-like leeches in the lakes and some seriously large mosquitoes.

The 'Keji Adjunct' protects angelic landscapes of rolling low brush, wildflowers, white sandy coves and the granite outcrops spreading between Port Joli and Port Mouton Bay.

The Port Joli Basin contains the Point Joli Migratory Bird Sanctuary, with waterfowl and shorebirds in great numbers. It's only easily accessible by kayak.

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Keji Southern Lakes Canoe Trip - 4 Day

Amazingly, there is terrific cell reception throughout most of the park so you'll have the choice to leave your phone at your car to unplug for a few days, or to bring it along and post your best pictures to Instagram and Facebook for your family and friends to see.This Canadian adventure vacation is perfect for families, couples and solo travellers. We'll accommodate your dietary preferences and restrictions and integrate them with our gourmet backcountry menu. You won't have to tent with a stranger and there are private pit privys/out houses at each site. Besides being culinary epicures, our guides also take coffee seriously. You'll always find a pound of the best local roast (Fair Trade/Organic) we can source; we also take care to grind the beans fresh each morning. Preparation is french press.We start and finish the trip at Jake's Landing, in Kejimkujik National Park. In-between we'll paddle and portage to the southern lakes region of the park, enjoy some of the best campsites in the park, stargaze in a dark sky preserve, roast marshmallows for s'mores and keep an eye out for local wildlife.

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Lake Rossignol Canoe Trip - 3 Day

The Rossignol Classic Canoe Trip will begin with a rendezvous at the historic Jake’s Landing, in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site where you’ll meet your guide and fellow trippers. Our guide will facilitate putting the final touches on packing, and after a delicious lunch we’ll shuttle to the Mersey River, found in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where we’ll take to the water to knock the rust off our paddling strokes.Clear, dark waters and rocky shores melt away as we explore and paddle to our first night’s campsite. Along the way we’ll pick our course through the narrow stone-choked channels, and may even discover ancient Mi’kmaq artifacts. Old stumps stud the beautiful waterway, relics of a time before the shores of Rossignol rose in the early 1900’s.Campsites are plentiful on Nova Scotia’s largest freshwater lake, many with a unique history and either a sunrise or sunset vantage. After the sun goes down keep an eye to the sky- we'll be camping in a Dark Sky Preserve, offering exceptional views of constellations and the Milky Way Galaxy. Spend the next few days exploring this historic lake choked with history and lore before returning to Jake’s Landing in Keji. Heck, you might even find legendary author Zane Gray’s infamous fishing boat!Don't worry, we will provide you with clean drinking water (and one of our cool Whynot Adventure 1000ml/32oz water bottles), we won't make you share a tent with a stranger, the bugs are never so bad you won't have fun (July/August and September have little to no bugs!), and there are private outhouses at all the sites. Oh, and we take coffee seriously. It’s french press in the backcountry, with a locally roasted bean. We grind at the campsite for freshness.

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Taste of the Tobeatic Canoe Trip - 4 Day

More often than not I run into paddlers who've heard the magic of the Tobeatic calling their name for years, yet they've never made it into the region's remote reaches. The Tobeatic is entirely different than paddling in Kejimkujik- the sense of change navigating Pebbloggitch to the Shelburne River, the threshold of the Tobeatic, is palpable. The landscape changes- it feels older and more rugged, and the rivers run tarry black with tannins.The Rockefeller family, Babe Ruth and Zane Gray are a few of the notable figures who've spent time exploring this vast tract of wilderness. Discover what lured these figures of plenitude into the wilds of Nova Scotian hinterland with our Taste of the Tobeatic canoe trip.Like any other trip we'll begin with a rendezvous at Jake's Landing for a quick lunch and some time to repack your personal items in waterproof bags. After that we make our way towards the back boundary of Kejimkujik National Park, where we'll set up for the night and some well deserved rest. The next day we'll cross out of the park and onto the Shelburne, a Canadian Heritage River and head deeper into the Tobeatic. The following day we'll continue to explore the Tobeatic while we work our way back towards Keji and the final night of the trip. We'll return to Jake's Landing late in the afternoon on the final day.As you may have gathered, this trip is not for the faint of heart. I strongly recommend having paddling experience, the ability to carry a load over rough terrain and stamina to put in 8-10 hours of adventure each day. You will see remote places, which are extremely photogenic, but you will have to work to to get there.

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