South Coast


Food in Kampot


In Kampot you can purchase pouches of peerless pepper at the FarmLink boutique, one of the pioneers of geographical-indication pepper production. You can see pepper being dried in the garden out front and...

Market in Kampot

Bokor Night Market

With about 100 stands offering things such as jewellery, karaoke, fried ice cream, sneakers and well, everything else, this nightlife experience and shopping mecca on Kampot's market circuit has loads of...

Clothing in Kampot


Sharing a contemporary factory space on the outskirts of town with Cafe Espresso, Dorsu sells a range of high-quality wardrobe staples, all designed and produced locally by a small team. There's also a Dorsu...

Arts & Crafts in Sihanoukville


Run by a local NGO that works with at-risk children, this shop within Sandan restaurant sells good-quality bags, scarves, T-shirts and children's clothes made by street kids (and their families) so that they can...

Arts & Crafts in Sihanoukville


Beside the bakery & cafe of the same name; it sells silks and other gifts produced by good-cause NGO the Handicraft People.

Books in Kampot

Kepler's Kampot Books

This secondhand bookstore has a good selection of English-language titles and also sells Kampot pepper, krama (scarves) and other souvenirs.

Handicrafts in Kampot

Tiny Kampot Pillows

This textile shop sells, well, lots of tiny pillows made from handwoven silk, plus plenty of other accessories from clothing to bags.