Best restaurants in South Coast

  • Restaurants in Kampot

    Khmer Roots Cafe

    Owner Soklim's team will help you cook your own Cambodian meal at this small, family-run cafe out on Lake Tomnop Tek Krolar (aka 'Secret Lake'), near La Plantation, about 45 minutes east of Kampot via dusty back roads. Or just order à la carte and kick back and enjoy the delightfully rural surroundings amid shady trees and organic vegetable gardens.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kep

    Crab Market

    Eating at the crab market – a row of wooden waterfront restaurants by a wet fish market – is a quintessential Kep experience. Fresh crabs fried with Kampot pepper are a taste sensation. Crabs are kept alive in pens tethered just off the pebbly beach. You can dine at one of the restaurants or buy crab and have your guesthouse prepare it.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kampot

    Twenty Three Bistro

    Hot damn, there's now a twice-baked cheddar soufflé in Kampot, and this is the place that loses money making it for you. We're not sure how the owners manage it, but this seems to be haute cuisine on clearance, from expats with hefty experience in world-class restaurants and a range of European cuisines. The cocktails slay, too.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Sihanoukville


    Loosely modelled on the beloved Phnom Penh institution Romdeng, this superb restaurant is an extension of the vocational-training programs for at-risk Cambodians run by local NGO M’lop Tapang. The menu features creative Cambodian cuisine targeted at a slightly upmarket clientele. The place is brimming with potted plants and hosts the wonderful gift shop and clothing boutique Tapang.

  • Restaurants in Kampot

    Armando's Food in Progress

    Ah, the joys of skilled Italian chefs washing up in provincial Cambodia to prepare gourmet Neapolitan pizzas and Italian forest-mushroom risotto, beautifully presented and washed down with an Italian red, all for less than US$10. Kampot scores another winner. At US$5, the set lunches, which can include an entire pizza, are a steal. Exciting specials and dangerous desserts.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kampot

    Cafe Espresso

    It's worth the trip to this cafe on the outskirts of town. The owners are real foodies and offer a global menu that traipses from vegetarian quesadillas to Brazilian-style pork sandwiches and has some especially tempting breakfast options. But it is caffeine-cravers who will really be buzzing, thanks to the regionally grown coffee blends, roasted daily on-site.

  • Restaurants in Kampot


    Tertúlia offers nothing less than a beautiful Portuguese dining experience, complete with a wine bar. Steaks and locally sourced seafood are slow cooked and delicious. Wash them down with port (US$2.50 to US$12) and top it off with a traditional dessert from south Portugal, such as almond pie.

  • Restaurants in Takeo

    Stung Takeo

    Perched over the seasonal lake, Stung Takeo features a seafood-heavy menu full of traditional flavour such as squid and Kampot pepper. But the main reason to come here is for giant freshwater lobster (otherwise known as crayfish), which mature between October and December in the lake (US$45 per kilo). At other times smaller specimens are available (US$30 per kilo).

  • Restaurants in Koh Kong City

    Happy Beach

    Northeast of town, this place offers a unique slice of Cambodian life with seaside, covered decks on stilts where families and friends laze about with their shoes off, taking down heaping portions of Khmer food served off a wooden block on the ground.

  • Restaurants in Koh Sdach Archipelago

    Doung Jai Restaurant

    Right on the pier, this is the best place to eat in the village both for the food and the breezy ambience. English is a challenge so you'll have to be creative in expressing what you want, but the fried noodles and other Khmer favourites are tasty and the portions large.

  • Restaurants in Kampot

    Kampot Seafood & Pepper

    More top-notch, contemporary fusion dining has arrived in Kampot in the form of this restaurant in a beautifully refurbished old merchant house. As one might expect from the name, Kampot pepper is applied liberally to dishes as diverse as mok cha marek chei (sauté squid) and homemade roasted ham.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Koh Sdach Archipelago

    May's Kitchen

    A great local restaurant in the Mean Chey Guesthouse complex. May shops at the market each morning and bases her Khmer and Thai dishes on what's available, often including pepper-and-garlic pork and crab. To guarantee a meal, stop by in the morning to let May know what you fancy for dinner. Ask about cooking classes too.

  • Restaurants in Sihanoukville

    Starfish Bakery & Cafe

    This NGO-run cafe in the heart of the downtown area specialises in filling Western breakfasts, baked cakes and tarts, and healthy, innovative sandwiches heavy on Mexican and Middle Eastern flavours. Income goes to sustainable development projects. It is having trouble surviving in the new Sihanoukville, so it may be forced to move – check its Facebook page.

  • Restaurants in Kampot

    Razorback Bar BQ

    Run by an American–Vietnamese tandem, this riverside smokehouse serves the largest, juiciest, most tender ribs in the land (Friday and Saturday evenings only), plus brisket and pulled pork. Sides like 'slaw and cornbread offer more Southern comfort, and it also serves authentic Vietnamese pho. Nice selection of Belgian brews and craft beer on tap.

  • Restaurants in Kampot


    A cosy, colourful place with a bohemian edge, Baraca serves inventive tapas with cherry-picked influences from Asia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. A must for lovers of small-plate dining. Out the back, the restaurant's guesthouse has simple, airy rooms with high ceilings and original tile-work floors.

  • Restaurants in Kampot


    Named after the mongoose in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, this riverfront terrace is all about the ambience. It’s also known for its Kampot pepper chicken, burritos, slow-cooked curry and salads. Happy hour from 5pm to 7pm brings two-for-one cheer on all cocktails. This is the best place in town to kick back and enjoy a sundowner.

  • Restaurants in Koh Kong City

    Fat Sam's

    The menu at this informal bar-restaurant runs the gamut from fish and chips and chilli con carne to authentic Khmer and Thai favourites. There's also a decent beer selection and a small wine list. The English owner ( not named Fat Sam) is a long-time Koh Kong resident and fount of information about the area. Motorbike hire is available.

  • Restaurants in Kep

    La Baraka

    A breath of fresh air from the other crab-market restaurants' identical menus, La Baraka serves a mix of European and Asian flavours with bags of seafood dishes such as sea-bass carpaccio. For non-fish-lovers there's also great pizza and pasta. The terrace, over the waves, is sunset cocktail perfection.

  • Restaurants in Koh Rong

    Coco Hut

    The kitchen at this ordinary-looking beach bar surprises with some of the best Khmer food in the islands. The amok (baked fish) is spicy and delicious, and you can't go wrong with the whole steamed red snapper. Western faves and breakfasts too. Don't overlook the drinks – bartender Sopheap's margarita was wicked good (and strong).

  • Restaurants in Kep

    So Kheang

    This tatty looking crab shack manages to have both the cheapest and the tastiest crab at the crab market. Unlike many others, it doesn't add curry to it Kampot-pepper crab, so the flavour of the pepper dominates (as it should). The one fuss is that it tends to close early, especially in low season.