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Getting there & away

Most of Zimbabwe’s border posts are open from 6am to 6pm, with the exception of Beitbridge (to South Africa, 24 hours) and Victoria Falls (to Zambia, 6am to 10pm). Its other border posts are Plumtree and Kazungula (Botswana); Kariba and Chirundu (Zambia); and Mutare and Nyamapanda (Mozambique).

Most international bus services depart from Harare’s Road Port Terminal (04-702828; cnr Fifth St & Robert Mugabe Rd). Buses to places within Zimbabwe leave from Mbare Musika Bus Terminal, south of the city.




From Harare ZUPCO (704933; Road Port Terminal, cnr Fifth St & Robert Mugabe Rd) buses and PCJ Coaches travel to Francistown charging US$15 and US$60 respectively. ZUPCO departs at 6.30am Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and PCJ Coaches daily at 6pm.


The most direct route between Malawi and Zimbabwe is via Mozambique’s Tete corridor. You’ll need a transit visa for Mozambique if you’re travelling through Mozambique to Malawi.

ZUPCO runs from Harare to Blantyre daily from 6.30am ($35).


You can go to Beira via Mutare. Take a minibus from Mutare to the border, then catch another bus on the Mozambique side. You can get to Malawi from Nyamapanda by minibus. Minibuses run infrequently between Nyamapanda and Tete (Mozambique), and more frequently between Tete and Zóbuè on the border with Malawi.


There’s no direct overland connection between Zimbabwe and Namibia. The most straightforward route is to take the Botswana bus and then connect from Botswana.

South africa (to johannesburg)

The following bus companies travel from Harare to South Africa:

Blue Arrow (04-729514; barrow@africaonline.co.zw; Chester House, Speke Ave, Harare)

Greyhound (04-720801; Road Port Terminal, cnr Fifth St & Robert Mugabe Rd, Harare)

Kukura Kurerwa (04-669973-6; Mbare Musika Bus Terminal, Harare)

Pioneer Bus (04-795863, 790531; Mbare Musika Bus Terminal, Harare)

Departure times are subject to change without notice – it’s best to call to check. All companies charge around US$70 (payable in local currency if bought in Zimbabwe).


From Harare ZUPCO travels daily to Lusaka (via Chirundu) at 6.30am (US$25).

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Most international flights arrive in Harare, and there are also direct flights between Victoria Falls and Johannesburg. International flights link Zimbabwe to Gaborone (Botswana; US$572/906, 1½ hours), Johannesburg (South Africa; one way/return US$227/339, 1½ hours), Windhoek (Namibia; US$716/962, 2½ hours), Maputo (Mozambique; US$468/767, 1½ hours), Lilongwe (Malawi; US$999/1112, one hour), Lusaka (Zambia; US$729/956, 50 minutes), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania; US$1154/1888, 2½ hours) and Nairobi (Kenya; US$1070/1274, 3½ hours).

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