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Wallis & Futuna

Getting around


Transfers to the islets of Wallis are available from 1000 to 2000 CFP return but are subject to island time and the tides. Contact local fishermen to get a lift to Alofi from Futuna (4000 CFP return).

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Car & motorcycle


There is no public transport on either of the islands; if you want to get anywhere you had better rent a car (around 8000 CFP/day). On Futuna renting a car is an out-of-someone's house affair; no-one will ask for a driving permit or have considered any insurance issues. On Wallis things are more professional and you will need to show your permit (any kind will do) and ask about insurance, as it varies from agency to agency. On both islands, driving is on the right-hand side and there are no enforced rules of the road.

No-one hires out motorcycles, scooters or bicycles.

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