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Introducing Arkansas

Tucked smack in the center of the US, hiding out between the Midwest and the Deep South, Arkansas is America’s buried treasure. There is a reason its motto is ‘The Natural State’ – the mountains and valleys of the west and north are absolutely gorgeous. The worn slopes of the Ozarks and the Ouachita (wash-ee-tah) Mountains hide little-known lakes bridged by crenellated granite and limestone outcroppings. Tiny, empty roads crisscross dense forests that let out onto surprising, sweeping vistas and gentle pastures dotted with grazing horses. Its rivers are made for rafting, fishing and lolling about. Don’t be fooled by talk of Wal-Mart, Bill Clinton or hillbilly culture. Though they all have a place here, they are only screens to keep this secret beauty a secret.

Little Rock sits in the middle of a nondescript plain that gives onto the Mississippi River’s Arkansas Delta and a living home of the Delta Blues. The entire state is dotted with state parks; get off of the interstate, pick a road, and go.