Museum of the Big Bend

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Alpine , USA
400 N Harrison St
+1 432 837 8143
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9am-5pm Tue-Sat, 1-5pm Sun
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This interesting little museum has been around since 1937, but a complete renovation in 2006 has made it a great place to brush up on the history of the Big Bend region. Learn about how Big Bend was once under the sea, and find out how camels fit into the region's history.

The museum is designed for maximum visual appeal, incorporating broad and impressive recreations rather than cases full of relics. Reading is kept to a minimum, but, when called for, the beautifully designed signage draws you right in.

Most impressive? The enormous wing bone of the Texas pterosaur found in Big Bend National Park – the largest flying creature ever found, with an estimated wing span of more than 50ft – along with the intimidatingly large recreation of the whole bird that's big enough to snatch up a fully grown human and carry him off for dinner.