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Introducing Salt Lake City

Ushered into the spotlight by the 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City (SLC) has been building on the momentum ever since. It’s a modern city with charming anachronisms and a stunning mountain setting – its location prompted pioneer Mormon leader Brigham Young to inform his weary band of emigrant settlers, ‘This is the place.’

SLC is the headquarters of the Mormon Church, though only about half its citizens are Latter-day Saints (LDS). It surprises many that the city is politically progressive (compared to the rest of the state) and has a sizable gay and lesbian community.

The proximity of the Wasatch Mountains is a huge lure for outdoor enthusiasts year-round. World-class hiking, climbing and snow sports await less than an hour away, and it seems like the soaring peaks loom over you from all points in the city. Add in a thriving university, wildly eclectic restaurants and a flourishing arts scene, and you might second Brigham Young’s pronouncement.