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Introducing Union Square, Flatiron District & Gramercy

Although Union Sq earned its moniker from rather practical and prosaic roots, the name today has become so much more than the junction of two roads. In many ways the neighborhood is the union of many disparate parts of the city, acting as the veritable urban glue linking unlikely cousins. Some may criticize the area for not having a distinct personality of its own, but upon closer inspection, Union Sq and the Flatiron District seem to borrow rather cautiously and selectively from their neighbors.

There’s not a lot of ground to cover, so the best plan of attack is to use the two major public spaces – Union Sq and Madison S Park – as your anchors. From Union Sq you’ll feel the Village vibe spilling over with the likes of quirky cafes, funky store fronts and dreadlocked buskers in the square. Up towards 23rd St you’ll find the namesake Flatiron building looming over the commercial quarter, replete with crowded lunch spots and after-work watering holes. East of both public spaces is Gramercy, which feels predominantly residential save for a generous peppering of restaurants throughout.