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Brooklyn Academy of Music by Bosc d'Anjou

New York's best theatre

Brooklyn Academy of Music by Bosc d'Anjou Creative Commons Attribution

From the legendary hit factories of Broadway to the scruffy black-box theaters that dot countless downtown blocks, NYC boasts the full gamut of theater experiences. The most celebrated scene is, of course, that of Broadway – nicknamed the Great White Way in 1902 for its bright billboard lights. There’s something truly magical about sitting in one of the ornate Broadway theaters and letting the show take you to another world as the lights dim. The term ‘off Broadway’ is not a geographical one – it simply refers to theaters that are smaller in size (200 to 500 seats) and usually have less of a glitzy production budget than the Broadway big hitters. Off Off Broadway takes place in even smaller theaters, with shows that are often inexpensively produced and experimental in nature.