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Introducing SoHo & Chinatown

Like a colorful quilt of subneighborhoods sewn together in mismatched patches, the areas orbiting SoHo (or SOuth of HOuston) feel like urban crumbs mopped up from other countries and sprinkled throughout lower Manhattan. Down in SoHo, the boxy blocks of Midtown are swapped for a decidedly human scale, making a casual stroll feel as if you’re walking through an elegant village (with the exception of busy Broadway, the main drag).

And while the sidewalks unfurl in a regal manner, there’s a palpable anything-goes spirit that wafts up like stall smoke in Chinatown, where frenzied crowds and hawkers mingle under the winking lights of aging billboards (think Vegas in the '80s). The best way to weave your way around is on foot – you’ll get nowhere fast on wheels. And don’t bother planning your route of attack. It’s all about absorbing the atmosphere and letting your senses guide you: follow your nose down an alleyway for freshly baked pork buns, let the prayer gong guide your ears towards the Buddhist temple, or look down colorful Canal St.