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Introducing Midcoast Maine

Carved by ancient glaciers, the coastline of Midcoast Maine is jagged and dramatic. With its wild natural beauty and down-to-earth residents, the region is what many people imagine when they think of Maine. Ride bikes and shop for antiques in postcard-pretty seaside villages, take ambling scenic drives down the rural peninsulas, and ride the deep blue seas aboard one of the Midcoast's famous windjammers (multi-masted sailing ships). It's a landscape that bears slow, aimless exploration – you never know when you're going to stumble upon the next great lobster shack, lost-in-time fishing village, or you-pick blueberry patch.

The English first settled this region in 1607, which coincided with the Jamestown settlement in Virginia. Unlike their southerly compatriots, though, these early settlers returned to England within a year. British colonization resumed in 1620. After suffering through the long years of the French and Indian War, the area became home to a thriving shipbuilding industry, which continues today.