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Introducing The Everglades

There is no wilderness in America quite like the Everglades. Called the ‘River of Grass’ by its initial Native American inhabitants, this is not just a wetland, or a swamp, or a lake, or a river, or a prairie, or a grassland – it is all of the above, twisted together into a series of soft horizons, long vistas, sunsets that stretch across your entire field of vision and the creeping grin of a large population of dinosaur-era reptiles.

When you watch anhinga flexing their wings before breaking into a corkscrew dive, or the slow, Jurassic flap of a great blue heron gliding over its domain, or the sun kissing miles of unbroken saw grass as it sets behind humps of skeletal cypress domes, you’ll have an idea of what we’re speaking of. In a nation where natural beauty is measured by its capacity for drama, the Everglades subtly, contentedly flows on.