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Daytona Beach/USA

Introducing Daytona Beach

Known for expansive beaches, '50s retro carnival attractions, leather-clad biker culture and Spring Break madness, Daytona Beach's strongest association, however, is with supercharged speed. As home to the Daytona 500, its name is indelibly linked with the ultra-Southern sport of Nascar racing.

Anything but a wallflower, Daytona Beach has an overflowing dance card: it hosts one of the last Spring Breaks on the Atlantic Coast (tamer now than during its halcyon days); its population quintuples during Speed Weeks; and as many as half a million bikers roar into town for motorcycle events in spring and fall. There's also a tame side: Daytona is also home to a gentrified downtown, quality cultural attractions and nesting sea turtles.

Somehow, the thought of the racetrack and souped-up autos everywhere inspires drivers to push the pedal to the metal. Police know this, of course, and quickly curtail any need for speed.