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Introducing Mt Shasta & Around

At Mt Shasta’s base sit three must-see towns: Dunsmuir, Mt Shasta City and McCloud. Each community has a distinct personality but all share a wild-mountain sensibility (plus great restaurants and places to stay). Then of course there is the mountain itself, which you’ll need no urging to visit. One hypnotic glimpse and you’ll find it hard to stay away. In the same dramatic vicinity are the snaggle-toothed peaks of Castle Crags, just 6 miles west of Dunsmuir.

Northeast of Mt Shasta, a long drive and a world away, is remote, eerily beautiful Lava Beds National Monument, a blistered badland of petrified fire. The contrasting cool wetlands of Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuges are just west of Lava Beds near Tule Lake.

Further east, high desert plateaus give way to the mountains of the northern Sierra. Folks in this remote area are genuinely happy to greet a traveler, even if they’re a bit uncertain why you’ve come.