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Introducing South Bay Beaches

When you’ve had all the Hollywood ambition, artsy pretension, velvet ropes and mind-numbing traffic you can take, head south of the airport, where this string of beach towns will soothe that mess from your psyche in one sunset. It all starts with Manhattan Beach, just 15 minutes from the airport. An upmarket town with its share of high-end shopping and dining, homes are stacked high on the steep streets above a sublime stretch of sand and sea.

USC frat boys and sorority girls, financially challenged surfers and the beautiful people who love them, all call Hermosa Beach home. The rents are lower here, and the scene trashier, but that’s part of the charm. And if you prefer a cool, casual distance from the Pier Ave fracas, just belly up to one of the town’s epic dives.

As the coast winds to the south end of Santa Monica Bay you can follow it to diverse Redondo Beach, which bleeds into Torrance, which leads to the stunning Palos Verdes Peninsula.