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Introducing Boston

The Cradle of Liberty. The Hub of the Universe. The Athens of America. These are big words for a mid-sized city. But Boston lives up to them. With its rich history, grand architecture and world-renowned academic and cultural institutions, the city retains and radiates the glory it has garnered over the last four centuries.

It was the Puritans who set out in search of religious freedom and founded Boston as their 'shining city on a hill.' In the following century, the Sons of Freedom were born in Boston, where they caroused and rabble-roused until the colonies found themselves in the midst of a War for Independence. A hundred years later, it was Boston's poets and philosophers who were leading a cultural revolution - pushing progressive causes like abolitionism, feminism and transcendentalism.

That's the stuff of history, but today's Boston fulfils these promises. Boston is among the country's forward-thinking and barrier-breaking cities. This is most evident politically, where Boston is at the forefront of controversial issues like same-sex marriage and universal healthcare. It's also visible in the changing landscape of the city, as Boston and environs are now home to some of the country's most cutting-edge architecture and innovative urban planning projects.

Culturally, Boston is shedding its staid and stodgy reputation, as artists, literati, thespians and filmmakers rediscover the city's rich resources and create new ones. With the recent explosion of avant-garde studios and the opening of the Institute for Contemporary Arts, Boston is poised to play a role in visual arts more prominent than ever before.

No single element has influenced the city so profoundly as its educational institutions. Over the years, Boston's colleges and universities have attracted scholars, scientists, philosophers and writers who have thrived off and contributed to the city's evolving culture. Contemporary Boston is no exception, especially as it draws students from around the world. From September through May, the city overflows with their exuberance. This renewable source of cultural energy supports sporting events, film festivals, music scenes, art galleries, coffee shops, hip clubs and Irish pubs.

The city is magnificent in late spring (May and June) or early fall (September and October), when parks are filled with flowering trees or colorful leaves. In summer, the city goes all out for Independence Day, with a week's worth of celebrations during Harborfest. Any time of year, the cultural calendar is packed.

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