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Introducing Prince William Sound

Enclosed in a jagged-edged circle and infused with fjords and glaciers, Prince William Sound is a stunner. With only three cities, the 15,000 sq mile region is mostly wilderness packed with quiet coves and rainy islands.

Despite sharing a similar environment, Prince William Sound’s three cities couldn’t be more different. Each arose from a different need and blossomed in a different manner. Valdez is dominated by slopes: the North Slope, from which the Trans-Alaska Pipeline originates, and the near vertical crags that surround it.

Earthy Cordova is isolated from roads, cruise ships and oil money. The salmon-rich ocean fuels the economy, and when locals need to hit the open road they head out to the Copper River Hwy.

Whittier is a living relic of WWII: a small town created solely as a military hideout and practically overshadowed by the mountains that kept it safe during the war.

Take your pick.