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Introducing Kenai Peninsula

Set enticingly across Turnagain Arm from Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula is a veritable jungle gym for Anchorage residents and tourists alike. With two main roads splintering across an area the size of Belgium, the peninsula is an accessible wilderness, allowing visitors to edge as far away from civilization as they feel comfortable.

The Kenai Mountains form the eastern two-thirds of the peninsula, and there are more hiking trails and alpine lakes here than you can explore in a summer. Glaciers are crammed into every cranny, and the comparatively flat western side of the peninsula is pocked with trout-filled lakes excellent for canoeing. The peninsula’s towns are as varied as the topography, with fishing towns, an arts capital and Russian Old Believer villages. And then there’s the marine world: the peninsula’s jagged coastline makes for some of the best kayaking you’ll find, with waters full of marine mammals, birds and fish.