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Introducing US Virgin Islands

Hmm, where to go for consistent 80°F (27°C) weather, calypso-wafting beach bars and a taste of West Indian culture, but without any border crossing or passport hassle? The US Virgin Islands (USVI) have your back, mon.

St John is the greenest island, literally and figuratively. Two-thirds of its area is cloaked in parkland and sublime beaches, ripe for hiking and snorkeling. It also leads the way in environmental preservation, with several low-impact tent-resorts for lodging. Dizzying cruise-ship traffic and big resorts nibbling its edges make St Thomas the most commercialized island. St Croix is the odd island out, floating far from its siblings and offering a mix of rainforest, sugar plantations, old forts and great scuba diving. And wait – there’s a fourth Virgin that often gets overlooked. That’s Water Island, a stone’s throw from St Thomas’ airport but a world away in its taxi-less, shop-less atmosphere.