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The Guianas

Getting there & around


Air travel can be tricky. International flights arrive in Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo (Suriname) and Cayenne (French Guiana) but, at the time of writing, there were no direct flights linking these three countries. From North America, flights often go through one or multiple Caribbean islands. For example, Air France offers regular flights from Miami to Cayenne via Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti, but believe it or not it can sometimes be more cost- and time-efficient to fly via Paris. Thanks to lingering colonial ties, you can fly direct from Amsterdam to Paramaribo blissfully unburdened by plane changes. Guyana has direct flights to New York.

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Car & motorcycle

It is possible to travel overland across all three Guianas but only near the coasts. Be forewarned that road travel here is difficult – it helps to be well trained in the art of auto repair and to carry spare tires and fuel. Rainy seasons drastically affect road conditions, especially in Guyana and Suriname, where roads are iffy even when dry. Cars (especially rentals) aren’t always allowed over borders and are particularly unwelcome into Suriname from French Guiana.

From the west, you can get into Guyana from Boa Vista in northern Brazil, but the road connection to Georgetown is not always open. From Georgetown, roads follow the coast eastward, with a river crossing into Suriname and another into French Guiana. A relatively new road links French Guiana to Brazil with a bridge expected to be completed by mid-2007 – in the meantime it’s about US$240 to hire a ferry to transport a vehicle across the river. There is no legal crossing point between Guyana and Venezuela, so linking these countries requires a detour through Brazil.

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