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The Gambia

Getting there & away

Minibuses and bush taxis run regularly between Barra and the border at Karang (US$2), where Dakar-bound bush taxis and minibuses (US$7 to US$10, six hours) are normally waiting.

If you’re heading for southern Senegal, minibuses and bush taxis leave frequently from Serekunda garage. The five-hour trip to Ziguinchor is about US$8 and you have to change vehicles at the border. Transport also goes from Brikama to Ziguinchor.

At the far-eastern tip of The Gambia, bush taxis run from Basse Santa Su to Vélingara (US$2, 45 minutes, 27km), and from there bush taxis go to Tambacounda for US$3 (three hours).



SN Brussels Airlines is the only scheduled airline that flies between The Gambia and Europe. Most people get here on cheap charter flights. The leading holiday operator is the British-based Gambia Experience (0845 330 4567; www.gambia.co.uk).

Air Sénégal International has regular flights between Dakar (Senegal) and Banjul (US$150 one way).

Other regional airlines serving The Gambia include Air Guinée, Bellview, Slok Air and West Coast Airways. Note that these companies don’t have good safety standards, and flights are not reliable.

Useful airline offices include:

Air Sénégal International (4472095; www.air-senegal-international.com; Ecowas Ave)

SN Brussels Airlines (4496301/2; www.flysn.com; Badala Park Way, Kololi)

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