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The Bahamas

Getting there & away



Numerous cruise ships dock in Nassau and Grand Bahama. Most originate in Florida.


The sheltered waters of the 750-mile-long archipelago attract thousands of yachters each year. Winds and currents favor the passage south. Sailing conditions are at their best in summer, though hurricanes can be a threat throughout the season.

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Discovery Cruise Line (800-259-1579; www.discoverycruiseline.com) runs daily between Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Freeport, Grand Bahama (US$140). It departs Florida at 8am, returning at 10pm. Rates include three buffet meals and a Las Vegas–style casino.

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Entering the destination

Entering the bahamas

All visitors must carry a valid passport and a return or onward ticket as well as sufficient funds to support their stay. This requirement will be extended to sea travel for US citizens; check for updates before you leave.

This section addresses transportation to the Bahamas from other countries. See p108 for information on travel between the islands.

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The departure tax of US$15 is typically included in the ticket price. For a brief summary of airlines and flight schedules by island, check www.bahamas.com. The two largest airports are Nassau International Airport and Grand Bahama International Airport. A few airlines fly directly to airports on the larger Out Islands, but the majority of flights arrive in Nassau or Freeport where passengers will connect to another flight before continuing to the Out Islands.

The national airline Bahamasair (242-377-5505, in Freeport 242-352-8341; www.bahamasair.com) has an unblemished safety record and its pilots have an excellent reputation. Delays, however, are regular occurrences and flights are canceled without warning. Bahamians say ‘If you have time to spare, fly Bahamasair.’

The listings below include international cities offering direct flights to the destination; keep in mind, however, that this information changes regularly.


Abacos has two airports: Marsh Harbour International Airport (MHH; 242-367-3039; Marsh Harbour, Abacos) and Treasure Cay International Airport (TCB), located 25 miles north of Marsh Harbour. Taxis between Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbor can run US$60, so pick the right airport when making reservations.

The following airlines fly into Marsh Harbour:

American Airlines (800-433-7300; www.aa.com) Miami

Bahamas Air (242-367-2095, 800-222-4262; www.bahamasair.com) West Palm Beach, Nassau

Continental Connection/Gulfstream International (242-367-3415, 800-231-0856; www.continental.com/www.gulfstreamair.com) Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach

Twin Air (242-367-0140, 954-359-8266; www.flytwinair.com) Fort Lauderdale

Vintage Props & Jets (242-367-4852, 800-852-0275; www.vpj.com) Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne

Yellow Air Taxi (242-367-0033, 888-935-5694; www.flyyellowairtaxi.com) Fort Lauderdale; charters also available

Continental flies directly from Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach to Treasure Cay. Island Express, Twin Air (242-365-8660), Vintage Props & Jets and Yellow Air Taxi fly into Treasure Cay from the same departure points listed above.


There are four airports on Andros. Be sure to choose the correct one based on your lodging. The Andros Town Airport (242-368-2724) in Central Andros is currently serviced by Continental Connection/Gulfstream International (242-377-5486, 800-231-0856; www.continental.com, www.gulfstreamair.com), which has flights from Fort Lauderdale, Nassau, West Palm Beach.


In 100-mile-long Eleuthera, try to fly into the airport closest to your destination. North Eleuthera International Airport (ELH; 242-335-1242; North Eleuthera) is close to the ferry dock across the sound from Harbour Island. Governor’s Harbor is in the middle of the island and Rock Sound is further south.

All airlines listed below also fly into Governor’s Harbor from Fort Lauderdale.

Continental Connection/Gulfstream International (800-231-0856; www.continental.com/www.gulfstreamair.com) Fort Lauderdale, Miami

Lynx (954-772-9808, 888-596-9247; www.lynxair.com) Fort Lauderdale

Twin Air (242-335-1696; www.flytwinair.com) Fort Lauderdale


Located a few miles north of George Town, Exuma International Airport (GGT; George Town, Exuma) offers a handful of car rental agencies and a restaurant. Taxis meet most flights.

American Airlines/American Eagle (242-345-0124, 800-433-7300; www.aa.com) Miami

Bahamas Air (800-222-4262; www.bahamasair.com) Nassau

Continental Connection/Gulfstream International (800-525-0280; www.continental.com, www.gulfstreamair.com) Fort Lauderdale

Lynx Air (954-772-9808, 888-596-9247; www.lynxair.com) Fort Lauderdale

United Airways(800-622-1015) Charlotte, Philadelphia, Boston and New York seasonally

Grand bahama

Just north of downtown, Grand Bahama Inter­national Airport (FPO;242-352-6020; Freeport, Grand Bahama) is served by the following airlines:

American Airlines/American Eagle (800-433-7300; www.aa.com) Miami

Bahamas Air (242-352-8341, 800-222-4262; www.bahamasair.com) Fort Lauderdale, Nassau

Continental Connection/Gulfstream International (800-525-0280; www.continental.com, www.gulfstreamair.com) Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach

Delta Connection (800-221-1212; www.delta.com) Atlanta

US Airways (800-622-1015; www.usairways.com) Charlotte

New providence

New Providence’s main airport is Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS; 242-377-7281; Nassau, New Providence), called the Nassau International Airport until 2008. This hub services international and domestic flights, with most interisland flights originating and returning here. New US and international terminals are due for completion in 2011. In the meantime, you’ll find a couple of ATMs, a few cafés and a bunch of duty-free shops.

The following airlines fly into the airport:

Air Canada (242-377-8220, 888-247-2262; www.aircanada.com) Montreal, Toronto

Air Jamaica (800-523-5585; www.airjamaica.com) Montego Bay

American Airlines/American Eagle (800-433-7300; www.aa.com) Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Miami

Bahamasair (242-377-8451, 800-222-4262; www.bahamasair.com) Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach

British Airways (242-377-2338; www.ba.com) London

Continental Connection/Gulfstream International (800-231-0856; www.continental.com, www.gulfstreamair.com) Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Newark, West Palm Beach

Delta (242-377-1053, 800-221-1212; www.delta.com) Atlanta, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Orlando, Tampa

Jet Blue (242-377-1174; www.jetblue.com) Boston, New York

Spirit Airlines(242-377-0152; www.spiritair.com) Fort Lauderdale, New York, Orlando

United (800-864-8331; www.united.com) Washington DC

US Airways(242-377-8886/7; 800-622-1015; www.usairways.com) Charlotte; flights from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington available seasonally

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