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Introducing Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

If you’re searching for less-trodden paths and fewer faràng, then this relatively non-touristy province might be the gem you’re looking for. Much of it is covered with rugged mountains and forests, its verdant jungles teem with lush vegetation and it was once the last refuge of Thailand’s communist insurgents. Its eastern border is formed by the Gulf of Thailand, and much of the provincial economy is dependent on fishing and prawn farming. Along the north coast there are picturesque beaches and pristine waterfalls where solitude and serenity rule the day and Western tourists are few and far between. The province also boasts Khao Luang National Park; known for its beautiful mountain and forest walks, cool streams, waterfalls and orchards. Besides fishing, Nakhon residents earn a living by growing coffee, rice, rubber and fruit (especially mangkhút, or mangosteen).