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Getting there & away




From Chiang Mai, buses to Lampang (ordinary/2nd class air-con/1st class/VIP 51/71/92/140B, two hours) leave from the Chiang Mai Arcade terminal every half-hour during the day, and also from the small bus station (ordinary 51B) near the TAT office in the direction of Lamphun (19B).

Buses go to Lampang from Phitsanulok’s main bus terminal (ordinary/2nd class air-con/1st class/VIP 119/167/214/250B, four hours; ordinary/2nd class air-con/1st class 148/207/214B via Sukhothai, five hours). Buses to Phrae leave hourly from 8am to 6pm (ordinary/2nd class air-con/1st class/VIP 60/84/108/315B). There are regular buses to and from Bangkok (2nd class air-con/1st class/VIP 374/481/748B, 2nd class nine hours, 1st class and above eight hours) running from 7.30am to 9pm. To book a cheaper, 10 hour air-con bus from Lampang to Bangkok head to Sombat Tour (0 5432 3361; Th Boonyawat; 1st class/VIP 446/621B).

The bus terminal in Lampang is some way out of town – 15B by shared sǎwngthǎew.


Trains run between Chiang Mai and Lampang (2nd/3rd class 50/23B, two hours).

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Daily flights between Lampang and Bangkok (2660B, 10.45am & 5pm) are offered by PB Air (0 5422 6238, Bangkok 0 2261 0220; www.pbair.com; Lampang Airport).

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