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Southern Taiwan

Introducing Southern Taiwan

Southern Taiwan is a land of timeless rituals and strong folk culture. The yearly calendar is chock-full of some of Taiwan's most unforgettable festivals: when they’re not burning boats to honour their indomitable ancestors, southerners let off fierce fireworks to seek supernatural protection for the future.

Tainan, the island’s former capital, is the city most worth visiting outside Taipei. Expect a feast of original street snacks, flamboyant temples and enduring relics available at every turn. Outside the cities, the wonderful biking routes and beaches offer enough activities to impress action travellers, and the wild landscape simply stirs the blood. From the jagged mountains and beautiful coastal cliffs of Pingtung County to the geological oddity of mud volcanoes outside Kaohsiung, this is Formosa at its most formidable. No wonder millions of purple and yellow butterflies return yearly to overwinter in the verdant mountain valleys around Maolin and Meinong. They’ve chosen well.