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Introducing Mo'orea

Mo’orea is so beautiful you’ll be rubbing your eyes at your first glimpse of it from Tahiti. The loveliness of the island intensifies as you draw nearer. That turquoise lagoon that you were sure was Photoshopped in the brochure? It’s better in real life. As you admire the near-vertical emerald cliffs, you’ll wonder if you are the luckiest person in the world. The short answer is: yes.

Mo’orea has a healthy selection of top-end resorts, but it is also host to a good choice of smaller hotels and pensions (guesthouses). There are pretty white-sand beaches, but nothing big and sweeping. The drawcard is the limpid, warm water of the vibrant lagoon. Frolic with rays and sharks, snorkel or dive through schools of fish in translucent waters, savour the brilliant sunsets, and just chill. If you need more action, learn to kitesurf, take a hike, go on a whale- or dolphin-watching tour, hire a bike or a kayak, or go horse riding. Whatever the experience, there’s only one word to describe Mo’orea: divine!