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Introducing The Marquesas

Paul Gauguin, Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stephenson, Jack London… Over the last 170 years the Marquesas have been an escape for artists, writers, adventurers and musicians. And it's no wonder! What could be more inspiring than a land opulent in ripe fruit, smiling, strong people and green summits? A trip to the Marquesas is a journey that tickles the heart, questions the mind and tests the muscles. After laughing with the locals, learning about ancient traditions and hiking through the jungle to the desert of the interior, you too could return home on a creative high.

The Marquesas' dramatic coastline of cliffs, needles and peaks towering to more than 1000m is the result of waves smashing against the rock, unmitigated by any sheltering reefs or lagoons. This rugged landscape is ridged with deep valleys draped in luxuriant tropical vegetation.

The small numbers of visitors who do come here are privileged to experience the mysterious ambience and warm welcome of a place yet to be discovered by mass tourism.

The archipelago is half an hour ahead of Tahiti time.