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The Engadine/Switzerland

Introducing The Engadine

The almost-3000km-long Inn River (En in Romansch) springs up from the snowy Graubünden Alps around the Maloja Pass and gives its name to the Engadine. The valley is carved into two: the Oberengadin (Upper Engadine), from Maloja to Zernez; and the Unterengadin (Lower Engadine), stretching from Zernez to Martina, by the Austrian border.

Oberengadin is dominated by the ritzy ski resort of St Moritz, while Unterengadin, home to the country's only national park, is characterised by quaint villages with sgraffito-decorated houses and pristine countryside.

Chalandamarz, a spring and youth festival, is celebrated in the Engadine on 1 March. During Schlitteda in St Moritz, Pontresina and Silvaplana in January, lads on flamboyant horse-drawn sleds whisk girls (to their delight or dismay) on rides through the snow.