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Money & costs



Sweden has a very good standard of living, which means the travel experience is generally high quality but it does tend to be expensive. Careful planning in advance can help reduce costs.

During the low-price summer period (June through until August), if you stay in a midrange hotel (which usually includes a huge buffet breakfast), eat a daily special for lunch and have an evening meal at a moderately priced restaurant, you can expect to spend Skr1000 per person per day if you're doubling up and Skr1500 if you're travelling alone. Staying in hostels, making your own breakfast, eating the daily special at lunchtime in a restaurant, and picking up supermarket items for dinner will probably cost you Skr450 per day. The cheapest way to visit Sweden is to camp in the woods for free, eat supermarket food, hitchhike and visit only the attractions that have free admission - this will cost less than Skr200 per day. If you stay in commercial camping grounds and prepare your own meals you can squeak by on around Skr300 per person per day. If there are a few of you, sharing car rental for a weekend in order to see some out-of-the-way places is worth considering (some petrol stations offer small cars for as little as Skr300 per day). Self-service pumps that take banknotes or credit cards are slightly cheaper, though many won't accept foreign credit cards without a PIN code.

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Sweden uses the krona (plural kronor) as currency. One krona is divided into 100 öre. The country has recovered well from an economic slowdown in 2002 and the krona is stable.

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Credit cards

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club cards are widely accepted. You're better off using a credit card since exchange rates are better and transaction fees are avoided. Credit cards can be used to buy train tickets but are not accepted on domestic ferries, apart from on sailings to Gotland. Electronic debit cards can be used in most shops.

If your card is lost or stolen in Sweden, report it to one of the following appropriate agencies.

American Express(336-393-1111)

Diners Club(08-14 68 78)

MasterCard(020 79 13 24)

Visa(020 79 56 75)

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