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Introducing Gotland

Gorgeous Gotland has much to brag about: a Unesco-lauded capital, truffle-sprinkled woods, A-list dining hot spots, talented artisans and more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Sweden. It’s also one of the country’s richest historical regions, with around 100 medieval churches and countless prehistoric sites, from stone ship settings and burial mounds to hilltop fortress remains. Information boards indicate sites along roadsides.

The island lies nearly halfway between Sweden and Latvia, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, roughly equidistant from the mainland ports of Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn. Just off its northeast tip lies the island of Fårö, most famous as the home of Sweden’s directing great, the late Ingmar Bergman. The island national park of Gotska Sandön lies 38km further north, while the petite islets of Stora Karlsö and Lilla Karlsö sit just off the western coast.

Information on the island abounds; both www.gotland.net and www.guteinfo.com are good places to start.