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Introducing St-Barthélemy

The mere mention of St-Barthélemy conjures up fanciful dreams of cocktails with supermodels, caviar with a four-digit price tag, and dropping some serious bling on a Dior bathing suit…for your miniature schnauzer. Does this stuff really happen in St-Barth? It sure does.

But does St-Barth have anything to offer those of us who haven’t won an Oscar? You bet. Beyond its world-famous glitz and glam, there’s a quiet community of locals who can trace their ancestry back to the church-studded countryside of Normandy, and even the island’s rugged coastal terrain feels bizarrely French.

So, whether you’re after the jet-setting lifestyle, or a simple village vibe, St-Barth can supply it. Just remember: while the island’s two cultures are almost diametrically opposed, they are ultimately united by their love of the Madonna (albeit different ones…).