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Introducing Hikkaduwa & Around

Hikkaduwa has long been among the most popular of Sri Lanka’s beach spots. Its proximity to the capital (98km from the Fort) helps – many people come here direct from the airport to start their classic Asian beach holiday. And it’s got a definite fun vibe, especially at its southern end, where there are dozens of affordable guesthouses built along a beautiful stretch of wide beach. At night, backpackers wander the sand from one café to the next, enjoying the sunset and the pleasures beyond.

This popularity has caused Hikkaduwa to swallow the villages south of it for a distance of more than 4km. The downside of this is that busy Galle Rd ploughs right through the middle of everything, which makes strolling amid the shops and restaurants along the road unpleasant.

People in search of watery fun will find many choices. There’s a variety of beaches, sea-coral for snorkellers, and good waves for board- and body-surfers. During the May to October monsoon season many places close and the water can get quite rough.

Although Hikkaduwa was damaged by the tsunami – especially the commercial parts at the north end – it escaped the devastation of places further north.