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Southern Mallorca

Introducing Southern Mallorca

The fortresslike coastal geography between the Badia de Palma (Bay of Palma) and Colònia de Sant Jordi has preserved this area as one of the least-developed of the island. Much of the coast is buffered by tall, nearly impenetrable cliffs splashed with the sapphire blue waters of the Mediterranean. They may not always be very accessible, but their untamed, raw beauty is hypnotising.

Beyond the cliffs are intimate coves and long beaches, true marvels of nature. Whether enclosed tightly by fjord-like cliffs, or silky sweeps of sand backed by pines and junipers, these are some of Mallorca’s best beaches. And best of all, the existence of parks and natural areas, and the proliferation of working farms and rural estates has, for the most part, kept this part of the island free from the worst excesses of overdevelopment. In other words, this is how all of Mallorca’s coast once looked.