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Getting there & away

You should carry your passport – you’ll need the number in order to board the ferry and you may need it to register your arrival on Ulleungdo.




You can get to Ulleungdo by ferry (242 5111; www.daea.com) from Pohang (standard/1st class W51, 100/56, 200, three hours, one to three daily) or Donghae (W54, 500, three hours, one daily at 10am), but ferries are subject to cancellation in poor weather. The departure timetable varies month to month. Other ferries from Hupo and Sokcho may only run during July and August.

It is best to reserve all your tickets to and from the island, especially during summer. Otherwise you can buy your ticket at the boat terminal first thing in the morning, but you may go on a waiting list. Advance bookings and news about cancelled ferries can be obtained in Seoul (02-514 6766), Ulleungdo (791 0801) and Pohang (242 5111). Ring KTO (1330) for more details. Some travel agents make reservations and sell tickets.

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